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8 Smart Home Organization Tips for Your Kitchen

8 Smart Home Organization Tips for Your Kitchen

Whether guests are coming or not, we have to make sure that our homes are well-organized and presentable. A charming home has a combination of style and tidiness. That’s why organizing your home is very important because it will ruin its good design. It will also make the home feel drab.

Apparently, this means that you need to stay organized all the time- even if kids are running around the house! Contrary to what others think, you don’t really need to spend a lot of money in order to keep your house in order. In fact, you can style your home and keep it organized at the same time while saving money! You just need to be creative in sorting the items. So if you are planning to whip your home into shape to get rid of all those clutter, you are on the right page.

1. Organize your pantry and countertop: In your pantry, place new groceries from mercato.com at the back and older ones at the front to make sure that they will not expire. Store your dry food like nuts, beans, flour, and others in a labeled container. Stock your shelves the same way as a grocery store does. Avoid clutter on your countertop by placing everything on the shelf. This way, it is easier to prepare food. You can also organize your kitchen gear by color or by type.

2. Door storage: Vertical storage is a clever way of keeping your things together. You can add an organizer on every door of your house. For instance, hang hats, gloves, and others at the back of the door in the entryway and another one at the garage door where you can store nails, screwdrivers, and other small items. You can also place a door storage in the kitchen for spices or washcloths.

3. Use cabinet doors: Organize recipes, receipts and other files at the back of your cabinet doors. Add a pocket organizer where you can place these files. It is better if you use a transparent envelope so that it is easy for you to see which one you need. Some would attach a file organizer where they can put washcloths and other items.

4. Boxes in drawers: Even if the things inside your drawer is not exposed, you can still keep it organized by adding a box inside it. This will be easier to locate things like receipts, mails, and others. You can add boxes of different sizes and take note that you do not need to buy these boxes. Use those from your cereal and other boxes that are already meant for throwing. Wrap them in lovely patterned paper or fabric wrappers.

5. Recycle tin cans: Don’t throw away those tin cans. Instead, use it to store pens, clips, and others. But first, you have to decorate them with patterned paper or spray paint them in beautiful colors. There are so many ways to upcycle a tin can. You can even add some covers to them too, by making circular covers out of cardboard.

6. Maximize the space under the sink: You can add stackable storage under your 30-inch farmhouse sink like bins and drawers to make the most out of the open space. You can also try using a stackable cabinet with sliding drawers for easier access. Store spare rolls of toilet paper, hygiene products, and cleaning products here.

7. Organize cords: There are different ways to organize your cords. To protect your kids and pets from power strips, store them inside a wooden cable organizer. Use plastic bags from loaves of supermarket bread where you can add labels of the device and clip it around the relevant cord. This home and kitchen organization hack can also be used behind your computer in the office.

8. Sort out your fridge: The key to having a refrigerator that is pristine and organized is to use clear, stackable storage containers. Use containers that fit different fruits and vegetables, drinks, condiments, eggs, and others. Of course, you can customize these containers, depending on your style. You can also use this to store different dishes or excess food.

Yes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on organizing and redecorating your home. You just need to be creative and follow the tips that we have provided for you. It also doesn’t need a lot of time to change the way your home looks. In fact, you can do it in just one day, and you’ll surely impress guests or other family members. With a new look and an organized home, it would be a lot cosier to live in!

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