90’s Fads That Aren’t Cool Anymore

The 90s was known for many things, but its fashion trends and fads were especially interesting. In fact, many of the trends that the 90s brought us could still be quite stylish for some occasions today. Everyday fashion is largely a matter of taste, but there are some fads and trends that shouldn’t probably be left in just our memories of the 90s decade. The same can be said of some top 80s fads.

Whether you’re attracted to the accessories of the 90s or certain items of clothing, it might be fun to find out which trends are probably not acceptable in this era. You can still try them out, of course, but the following looks might be best reserved for a 90s-themed party:


Bandannas were available in almost any clothing store in the 90s, but the fad didn’t just stop there. You could buy just about any garment in a paisley bandanna style if that even makes sense. Even celebrities such as Beyonce could be seen performing in bandanna-style tops, so you have an idea of just how popular this 90s fad was.

Bandanas have a rich history and can even be traced back to their Middle eastern and South Asian roots. However, the 90s bandanna accessory was more likely based on the ones that cowboys wore for the purpose of dust masks.

The 90s obviously took this cowboy inspiration and ran with it, resulting in a bandanna style for shirts, bathing suits, and headbands. Today, though, a bandanna-style anything will probably look hopelessly outdated. It might be a better choice to go for trendy cowboy hats and even garments with cow print patterns if we want the cowboy look.

Platform Sandals

Whether it was the red carpet, a high school party, or hanging out at the mall, platform sandals seemed to be a must-have for every female in the 90s. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore would wear them, so why not the masses? They added a decent boost of several inches to your height as well, though we believe that was hardly the main reason behind their popularity. People just probably thought these sandals looked good back then.

Today, however, we’re lucky enough to think of fashion in a more practical manner. Even if the platform shoes go perfectly with an outfit, walking in those elevated things means putting yourself at risk of an ankle injury. No one wants to fall down and twist their ankle (or break it) when they’re supposed to be enjoying themselves, so these shoes might be a hard pass for any party or event.

At the end of the day, platform shoes aren’t worth the pain and hassle you risk every time you set foot in them. There’s no need to bring them back, so stick with shoes that mold to the curves of your foot and keep you grounded. For extra height, the classic high heel or wedges will suffice.  


During the 90s, studded belts were once considered an indispensable addition to any ensemble with a separate skirt or pants. We can find several iconic examples of celebrities sporting such belts, including names like Christina Aguilera.

While belts are definitely practical for many outfits, the studded versions are simply distracting and usually too heavy for comfort. All those shiny suds, jewels, and other additions might have been an amazing fashion statement in the 90s, but most of us would probably prefer a large, sturdy buckle today instead. The stones and studs must have been quite a bother to deal with, especially if they kept falling off.

After all, a belt is supposed to support an outfit, not overcome the whole look. It’s much better to go for a simple belt that looks classy and preferably matches your shoes.

Sunglasses With Colored Lenses

If you wanted to look really cool in the 90s, a pair of sunglasses with metal frames and tinted lenses were a step in the right direction. The colors included yellow, blue, and even red options; all of these are rarely well-received today. Think back to musicians such as Justin Timberlake back in the 90s; those blue sunglasses would probably have inspired many fans in that decade.

In modern times, plastic frames with cat-eye designs are a more popular option. Colored lenses might be good for the right kind of eye protection, but not as a statement in their own right.  

Black Tights With Everything

We get the fact that black is a neutral shade and can technically go with everything. However, the 90s had some fashion icons such as Tyra Banks wearing black tighter even with summer dresses. The look may be fairly comfortable and perhaps even suitable for the chilly fall weather, but not for the warmer months.

The same goes for black tights paired with garments such as tank tops or even when topped off with bomber jackets. You’d probably be better off learning how to style yourself casually with a cool shirt.

Plaid Ensembles

One of the most iconic movies of the 90s is ‘Clueless’, not least because of the 90s fashion example it sets. The main character, Cher, is supposed to be the leading authority on fashion in the movie. However, her huge plaid jacket, while a famous look for the 90s, is hardly acceptable these days. The yellow suit might have made plaid clothing an important part of the 90s, but that phase is hopefully over now.

If we do want to wear a plaid ensemble today, it’ll probably look like a costume of sorts. Save it for the themed parties, as the look is quite tacky for any other occasion.

Loose Pants

Baggy jeans and loose pants were very trendy in the 90s, probably because of the JNCO brand. This was a popular name that sole pants and trousers with very wide legs. The fad was actually short-lived even back then, probably because those legs were far from flattering. As far as fashion gurus today are concerned, such trends are better off in the past.

Pinstripe Suits

Pinstripes are well and good when they’re limited to just one clothing item. However, the 90s saw a strange upsurge in the popularity of wholly pinstriped suits. The pinstripe pattern also came back in 2016, but not to this extent.


The classic layered look involved wearing several garments of clothing one above the other. This even meant wearing a skirt with pants. Today, even if some brands do try to bring this trend back we’d probably be more confused than entranced by the concept.

With too many layers on, one would feel constricted and hot. Unless we’re experiencing a harsh winter and don’t have thick coats, it’s unlikely that the layered look will catch on anytime soon. 


You’d probably be hard-pressed to find such fads and trends from any decade other than the 90s. They might not be the most strange and unusual fads from history, but some would certainly look very out of place now. There’s no harm in trying out some 90s fashion now and then, but make sure you avoid the glaringly weird choices.

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