Bring Back the 90s With Platform Shoes

Oh, friends. The time is upon us. Holographic materials, hoop earrings, and plaid with flared jeans are here. Soon Lisa Frank will burst back upon the scene in a color explosion to complement the murky deeper tones of grunge. You know what that means. It’s time to bring back the 90s with platform shoes.

For those who were yet to be born the last time these bad boys made the fashion rounds, or before Britney Spears hit the world by storm with her stunning 90s fashion statements and pop music, you are in for a treat. Height, fashion, drama, flare, comfort, and epic stomp-ability are all about to be simultaneously within your reach.

Pros of wearing platform shoes include, but are by no means limited to the following:

Looking like Cher Horowitz

Be honest. While Paul Rudd is undeniably in the top three reasons to watch Clueless, a lot of the appeal for 90s female pop stars was the outfits. In hindsight, perhaps yellow plaid suit pairings were a tad excessive. However, that style of EXTRA attention to detail married with Cher’s surety of youth is precisely the attitude platform boots help carry through to impart confidence.

The super-cute platform heels and the almost moon-boot appearance of platform sneakers gave Cher and the girls the height we love. And more platform means a larger canvas for fashion!

Adding Height

Ground control to Major Tom, please report back on the atmospheric conditions way up there. Tall jokes aside, claim the height you crave.

Platform shoes come in a range of sizes, colors, materials, and styles. Tack on a few inches—or several—and bask in the confidence boost.

This goes for tall folks, too. Tower over everyone and bless fellow ravers with those extraordinarily long legs. All heights are good heights and raves are about celebrating the music inside each of us with fellow fans.

No matter your size, or favorite style, those platform boots were made for walkin’, so square those shoulders, lift that chin, and walk tall!

Comfort abounds

When it comes to shoes, the cushier sole, the less likely they are to be removed! That is the rule for nights out, anyway. And what are raves if not extended nights out backed by incredible music, light shows, and fashion-forward outfits?

Anyone who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style has never trudged through several hours of music festivals in places where sitting on the ground is a hauntingly questionable act, even with a plaid flannel serving as a blanket proxy. Just stay comfortably up in the clouds while you sway to the music up where the air is sweet.

Style for Miles

Speaking of fashion, there’s a big difference between fashion and style. Choosing items that mesh with your specific aesthetic is the best route to take when expressing yourself with a trend. High-tech, goth, and hologram sneakers are all available to elevate your look or experiment with statement pieces in your wardrobe.

If you want to go classic, pair them with giant hoop earrings, pipe jeans, or bellbottoms. Maybe skip the butterfly clips.

It’s Only Up From Here

If you were fortunate enough to own a pair of these bad boys in the past, take a moment to marinate in the nostalgia. Break out your bandana crop top, flared jeans, and sassiest pair of platform boots. Then step into the new year and live your best Zenon life with holographic platform gladiator heels.

Or pretend to get your Space Jam on if that floats your boat. You do you. You’re wearing platforms. No one can stop you. You’re the new T. rex of the fashion jungle. Regardless of which style you pick, rest assured you will leave a memorable fashion footprint with platform shoes.


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