Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Twin Siblings


Except for the Olsen twins, do you know any other celebrity who has an identical or fraternal twin sister or brother? If you don’t then check out this gallery, and expect to be surprised!

Beauty runs in the Bundchen family indeed. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has a fraternal twin named Patricia, who is equally as gorgeous as her sister. Patricia, who is five minutes older than Gisele, used to be a model herself but she eventually became Gisele’s manager.

One of Hollywood’s current sex symbols has a twin brother named Hunter, who also appeared alongside her in the movie Manny & Lo. While he’s not accompanying Scarlett on the red carpet events, Hunter works as a campaign manager.

You see Ashton Kutcher as one happy-go-lucky dude (at least onscreen), you wouldn’t guess that he came from a difficult family life. His story may even move you.

Kutcher has a fraternal twin brother named Michael, who was diagnosed with a cerebral palsy. Michael had also undergone a heart transplant when the brothers were still young. Michael’s delicate condition caused their home life to become increasingly stressful, it reached to a point that Kutcher once contemplated suicide so that he could donate his heart to Michael and thus save his life. The situation became worse when their parents eventually divorced.

Motivated by his desire to find a cure for his brother’s heart condition, Kutcher enrolled at the University of Iowa to take up biochemical engineering. However, his studies stopped when he began modeling in order to earn money to help chip in to his brother’s medical expenses.

What you don’t usually see behind the cameras is Ashton Kutcher as a devoted brother to Michael, who is now a motivational speaker and cerebral palsy advocate.

The Canadian rock diva has a twin brother named Wade, who is 12 minutes her senior. Wade is an indie pop-rock musician, yoga instructor, author and therapist.

You know that the famous English actors Ralph and Joseph Fiennes are brothers. What you don’t know is that Joseph also has a fraternal twin brother named Jacob, who works as a conservationist.

Except for Jacob, all of the six Fiennes siblings are involved in the arts and entertainment.

The Fast and the Furious star has a fraternal twin brother named Paul, a film editor.

Not long ago, Diesel posted a touching photo on his Facebook page of his brother who was standing next to the other Paul — the late Paul Walker, Diesel’s Fast co-star. He captioned the photo: “The Two Pauls” who, coincidentally, bore some resemblance to each other.

Actress Linda Hamilton is best known for her work in The Terminator and Titanic (as well as the ex-wife of director James Cameron who helmed these films). She has an identical twin sister named Leslie, who once appeared as Linda’s body double during the filming of The Terminator franchise. Leslie works as a nurse.

You may have known that pop heartthrobs Aaron and Nick Carter are brothers. But do you know that Aaron also has a good-looking twin sister? Her name is Angela, who is a model and an aspiring singer. Needless to say, the Carters have got some beautiful genes there.

The Napoleon Dynamite star has an identical twin brother named Dan, who is also his partner in their own production company. You’d think that’s Jon signing autographs for you? That might be Dan doing the job for his famous brother!

Actor Kiefer Sutherland has a twin sister named Rachel, who is involved in post-production business in Hollywood.



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