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Cost Of Full Set of Veneers in Turkey

Cost Of Full Set of Veneers in Turkey

Because your smile leaves a first impression on everyone you meet, it must be perfect. Unfortunately, not-so-perfect teeth affect your smile and, consequently, your self-esteem. Dentists recommend cosmetic treatments such as veneers to alter teeth’ appearance, including shape, size, and color, giving you a beautiful smile.

Dental veneers are tiny shells. During the installation procedure, your dentist bonds the veneers to the front of your teeth to improve their appearance.

Types of Veneers in Turkey?

Veneers are of different types, and they are all ideal for beautifying your smile. These veneer types vary in results, durability, and costs. This section explores the different types of veneers you can get in Turkey, including their advantages, disadvantages, and prices. Kindly follow through.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are made from durable and translucent porcelain material. Dentists prefer porcelain material for veneers because they look like natural teeth, and they can also withstand biting and chewing forces. Nevertheless, on the flip side, porcelain veneers are permanent, and in case of damage, they are almost irreparable. Furthermore, they are costly and require enamel removal during their placement. Nevertheless, your porcelain veneers can last up to 10, 15 years, depending on maintenance.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are an alternative to porcelain veneers, especially for patients on a budget. Nevertheless, these veneers do not have a natural appearance like porcelain veneers. Furthermore, composite veneers are not as effective in covering dental flaws. On the other hand, the composite veneers placement procedure does not require enamel removal. Therefore, dentists can easily replace them when damaged. In addition, the lifespan of composite veneers is a maximum of 7 years.

Zirconium Veneers

Zirconium veneers are made from zirconium dioxide, a biocompatible material. Therefore, people with allergies can get these veneers without worrying about any adverse reactions. Furthermore, zirconium veneers have a lifespan of 20 years or more. Similar to porcelain veneers, these veneers are durable and natural-looking. Nevertheless, they are not suitable for major dental flaws.


Lumineers are laminates made of porcelain. The main difference between lumineers and traditional porcelain veneers is that lumineers are ultrathin veneers with a thickness similar to a contact lens. Consequently, the lumineer placement does not require enamel removal. They are also durable, lasting as long as 20 years.

Cost Of Full Set of Veneers in Turkey

The cost of veneers depends on location and the type of material. For example, veneers in the USA and the UK cost three times more than veneers in Turkey. However, veneers are cheaper in Turkey because of lower operating costs for dental clinics and abundant raw materials. Consequently, Turkey is the best place to get veneers because of its lower prices and highly professional services.

The dentist’s experience, the dental clinic’s prominence, and the number of veneers influence the cost of veneers. Getting a full set of veneers in Turkey is cheaper than getting individual veneers.

The average cost of porcelain veneers and composite veneers per unit are $150 and $330, and $110 and $190, respectively. Zirconium veneers prices are between $200 and $220, while lumineers cost between $150 and $300.

The cost of a full set of veneers in Turkey is $5800 for 20 units of porcelain and $2700 for 20 units of composites. Twenty zirconium veneers are about $4300, while lumineers are $4000.

Who Qualifies for Veneers?

Although veneers present an all-in-one solution to several dental flaws, they are not suitable for everyone. A consultation with a dentist is necessary before you get dental veneers.

Having ample tooth enamel qualifies you for veneers because the dentist removes a portion of the enamel during the procedure to accommodate the veneers. Furthermore, if you have significant teeth discoloration that does not respond to teeth whitening, you may qualify for veneers.

Other people that qualify for veneers are those with minor dental flaws, including chips, cracks, and misshapen teeth. In addition, you may not be eligible for veneers if you clench or grind your teeth – this is because chewing hard substances or clenching your teeth often can fracture your veneers.

Who Does Not Qualify for Veneers?

Poor oral health disqualifies you from getting veneers. So, if you have gum disease, cavities, or broken teeth, your dentist may prescribe another treatment for you. Additionally, your dentist may advise you to give birth before getting veneers if you’re pregnant.

Are Dental Veneers Painful?

You typically won’t feel pain during a dental veneer installation, except you have sensitive teeth. Nevertheless, your dentist may administer an anesthetic to numb pain if there is a need for enamel removal.

Are Veneers Permanent?

Yes. Because veneers installation requires enamel removal and tooth reshaping, they are irreversible. Although veneers are designed to last a lifetime, if they loosen or wear out, you’ll have to get a replacement.

How To Care for Veneers

Caring for your veneers ensures that it lasts as long as possible. Proper oral hygiene is enough care for veneers. Furthermore, because the veneers are susceptible to fracturing, it is best to avoid chewing hard foods or grinding your teeth. In case you grind your teeth, you can get a mouth guard to prevent teeth clenching while you sleep.

You can also maintain your veneers by improving your lifestyle habits, including eating a healthy diet, limiting foods and drinks that stain the teeth, and quitting smoking.


Veneers are cosmetic dental treatments ideal for improving your teeth’ appearance and smile. Therefore, you may qualify for veneers if you have crooked teeth, chipped teeth, or significant tooth discoloration.

The cost of a full set of veneers in Turkey is cheaper than getting a single unit. If you have misshapen teeth, crooked teeth, or intrinsic tooth discoloration, you should visit a dentist to get veneers.



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