Do’s And Don’t of Changing Your Flat Tire


The Introduction

It’s frustrating beyond belief when you have to wait endlessly for a tow-truck to come to help you because you don’t know how to change a flat tire.

So, now you know that’s it’s imperative to learn how to change your flat tire. And, in all honesty, it’s not that much of a task. Sure it’s a bit messy, and you will need to use quite a bit of your upper body strength.

But, so what? It’s a handy skill to have, not just for yourself but also for some poor fool you may come across standing by the side of the freeway waiting for a tow-truck.

There are a few pointers we can give to help you along the way. Continue reading to discover what they are.

Always Keep A Spare

You may be wondering what on earth we might be saying? Who doesn’t keep a spare? But, you’d be surprised to find the percentage of individuals that either don’t keep spares or even their spare tire is flat.

Don’t Prolong The Inevitable

Some people prefer to continue driving until they don’t come across a gas station. Now, that’s ok if the gas station is close by. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a flat tire and damaged rims. And, costlier than getting a flat tire repaired.

Always Keep A Distance

Some overly anxious individuals want to change their tire the moment it goes flat. And, it’s fine to do that. So, long as you don’t pull over the side of the road to get on with their business.

It’s quite unsafe to do such a thing. Changing a flat tire requires adequate space, and being so close to the road can spell disaster for you, your fellow companions in the car as well as the next careless driver who takes his/her eyes off the road too frequently.

Always Keep To Level Groun

Now, looking for open, free space on the freeway is a tough task. Thus, you often come across people who park their cars on uneven ground to change their flat tires as soon as they possibly can.

It’s silly to do that as you can damage your car and may even hurt yourself in the process. So, do take care.

Always Keep The Essentials Around

There are a few items that always come in handy when it comes to changing a flat tire. A jack, a wrench or a lug wrench, a tire repair kit, and a portable tire inflator.

You see, you can change the flat tire if you have a spare. But, if you don’t, then it’ll be a very long day if you don’t have these items with you to help you along your way.

Now a lug wrench and a jack are the easy part. The difficult part is to get a decent tire repair kit and portable tire inflator. Look up on the internet for automotive product reviews to point you in the right direction.

The Conclusion

Not only is it always a good idea to learn a new skill even if it just learning to change a tire. But, it’s just as useful to always be prepared.

Hopefully, this article will help you get to your destination in good time. And, if you do wind up with a flat tire, at least now you’ll know how to change one.

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