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Furniture Ideas to Give your Home a Vintage Vibe

Fashion is cyclical, even when it comes to furniture. Old styles and trends are making a strong comeback, but they are assuming more hip terms like vintage. Nowadays, anything vintage is considered to be original and authentic. Young people today are gravitating towards pre-owned clothes and furniture, hoping they can do their part in reducing waste and, ultimately, protect planet Earth. Apart from this trending nobility, vintage furniture does have a universal appeal that people with varying tastes are coming to appreciate. Incorporating vintage pieces around your home can create an interesting juxtaposition with your otherwise sleek, modern home decor. However, you want to add just subtle hints of vintage vibes here and there without risking an overkill.

Below we will walk you through some furniture ideas to give your home a vintage vibe.

Go for Hardwood

Nothing says vintage more than a distressed hardwood piece of furniture that is guaranteed to command the attention when you place it in any room. Wood has the distinctive quality of aging with grace and can add an irresistible vintage touch that makes any piece seem more interesting than it is. The Ohio-based Amish crafters at Amish Outlet Store explain that the unique marks and indentations in each wood piece add beauty and character to vintage furniture. Try to look for pieces that only seem “worn out” but are actually sturdy and durable enough to last for generations. That way, you can pass them down to your children as a family heirloom.

Create a Special Corner for Your Vintage Finds

If you are passionate about adding a vintage vibe to your home, you can dedicate a corner to display all of your collectibles in a beautiful way. Arrange your grandmother’s tea set and precious trinkets that you found at your local flea market to create a unique vintage corner that serves the purpose in a subtly elegant manner. A pro tip is to group pieces in a way that makes sense instead of randomly cramming up your vintage corner haphazardly. If you have small children, it is better to keep this corner out of their reach so they don’t end up breaking any of your irreplaceable valuable items.

Keep it Simple

Statement vintage furniture tends to be a little bolder than other modern ones, so make sure you keep it tasteful and avoid getting carried away when shopping at a vintage store. A multicolored rug or a worn-leather sofa is all that you need to add a vintage vibe to your house. Make sure you know how to care for your fragile vintage pieces as they will probably cost you a lot of money, so it is definitely worth it to inquire about the cleaning and safety instructions.

Embrace Florals

Floral is one of the most crowd-pleasing vintage patterns as it triggers feelings of nostalgia for simpler times. A floral curtain will take you back to your childhood days when you spent your summers playing hide and seek with your cousins at your grandparents’ house. Florals are versatile enough that you can take it a step further and accentuate your plain gray couch with some fun floral cushions and a floral throw. Don’t be afraid to mix different floral patterns and colors, try out different arrangements until you find the ones that appeal the most to your aesthetics, and are comfortable enough to look at.

Use Vintage Artwork

Vintage is a very generic term that is used to describe anything that is not contemporary, so it helps if you can identify which particular time you are most drawn to so that you can know where to find relevant artwork. If buying an original art piece is well out of your budget, you can find some great high-quality dupes that will still give you the retro feel that you are intending.

Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

Using brass lighting fixtures is such an elegant way to reflect a vintage vibe around your home. Their simple chicness can instantly elevate the look of any room and make it look more interesting than it was before.

Repurpose Old Doors

Repurpose Old Doors

Doors are usually made from sturdy wood, so it would be a waste to throw away your old front door that you just replaced. Instead, you can use it to display family photos. Find a good space and mount it on the wall, then hang your photos for a cozy old-school design.

Vintage furniture warms up any space and makes it seem more inviting to your house guests. Look for inspiration in home decor magazines and on apps like Pinterest to find tons of different ideas that you would have never thought of on your own. Have fun redecorating, and keep it simple and effortless, just like vintage decor is supposed to be.

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