Guide to the Music Museums of Nashville Tennessee


Over the decades, many talented and revolutionary musicians have passed through this world. These people greatly influenced the world of music that is close to the hearts of millions. Alongside these legendary figures, humanity honed and perfected the art of music production itself. New musical instruments were born out of either necessity, or an ingenious burst of creativity. These historical figures and turning points deserve to have their legacy preserved indefinitely. And that is where museums of music come into play, pun intended.

There is already another city in the state of Nashville that is popular for music, and we did a piece on a guide to the musical museums of that city. If you want to, read the guide to music museums in Memphis, Tennessee here. Nashville is another city known for music and, naturally, it contains quite a few museums dedicated to it. In this post we will be looking over some of the must-see museums about music in Nashville, Tennessee.

Musicians Hall Of Fame And Museum

Located at 401 Gay Street, the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum is a giant dome-like building that houses and honors the names of every kind of musician. This museum does not lend itself to the preservation of one specific genre of music, and instead honors and talks about all equally while displaying actual musical instruments used by famous musicians. Featured instruments include those used by popular music groups like The Jackson 5 and The Temptations. Instruments that were used to record famed singers like Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond are also on display at the museum.

Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum

One of the most famous museums in Nashville, and one of the largest in the whole world period, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum attracts over a million visitors each year. This museum is also a research center dedicated to the preservation of American vernacular music. After relocation in 2001, and an expansion in 2014, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum currently covers around 350,000 square feet. The museum houses galleries, educational classrooms, retail stores, and more. The museum also has some interactive exhibits, with one particularly famous one immersing visitors in the history and evolution of country music.

The Johnny Cash Museum

A recent addition to Nashville’s list of museums after having opened in 2013, The Johnny Cash Museum has the largest collection of Johnny Cash related memorabilia. Located at 119 3rd Avenue South in Downtown Nashville, this museum houses instruments, stage costumes, personal letters, and more. The museum also has a gift shop to buy souvenirs, as well as a café. The museum also has event spaces people can rent for parties, banquets, and more. The museum, in addition to the possessions of Johnny Cash, also gives visitors a thorough background in the famed icon’s historic life.

RCA Studio B

Originally known as RCA Studios, RCA Studio B opened in the year 1956. This studio was a music recording studio that gained prominence in the 1960s, and is currently a famous tourist spot. This studio has had the honor of having recorded some big names in the industry, like Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton. Elvis Presley in particular recorded over 200 songs in the studio. Nowadays, RCA Studio B is managed by the Country Music Hall of Fame. Though not necessarily a museum itself, RCA Studio B has the Country Music Hall of Fame run tours for the studio that you can partake in and see some historically important exhibits.

Gallery Of Iconic Guitars (The GIG)

Located on the Belmont University campus, this museum pays tribute to over 500 rare kinds of guitars and other string-based percussion instruments. The Gallery of Iconic Guitars was founded when Steven Kern Shaw passed away and donated his guitar collection to be cared for and exhibited for future generations. The museum houses guitars signed by famous designers, and allows visitors to learn and play the instruments themselves.

The Patsy Cline Museum

Having opened in the year 2017, the Patsy Cline Museum is located on the second floor of The Johnny Cash Museum, and houses an extensive collection of memorabilia related to the country singer. The museum also features some furnishings from the singer’s house. The museum makes an effort to show visitors how Patsy Cline lived a modest life despite having become rich and famous.


And that wraps up this post. The museums of music listed above are definitely must-visit attractions for music lovers whenever they visit Nashville, Tennessee. Containing historically famed artifacts and other important memorabilia, these museums provide an unforgettable experience and bring visitors just a bit closer to the musical icons of the past that they cherish so dearly.

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