Home Renovation Mistakes that too many New Homeowners Make

Just like you upgrade your phone every year, your house may need some upgrades too. We are not suggesting you get a new house every year. But you can renovate your house to give it a new and fresh look. The process of doing this task is not easy by any means.

The reason we are here today is because of Home Renovation Mistakes that too many New Homeowners Make

Renovating is a fun process and a great experience. But you can be easily overwhelmed in the process. You need to keep your calm and do it professionally. Don’t worry we are here to help you so you don’t make any mistakes.

Starting renovation too soon

When you buy a new house don’t go ham on renovating right off the bat. What you should do is, take your time to enjoy the house. Settle in and take your time to admire your new house. Let at least a couple of years to get by before you start renovating.

The cost

People can easily underestimate the cost of a renovation. If you are doing a renovation at a big scale don’t be surprised if it sets you back 10-20 thousand USD. The safe bet for you is to add 20% extra on top of the budget you decide on.

All according to plan

This is one of the biggest mistakes newbie renovators make. Expecting that everything will go according to their plans. When the reality is that, it won’t. Life is not a fairy tale. You will face inconvenience. For example, someone from the construction team may get sick, or the order from your supplier may not arrive in time. There can be many inconveniences. That’s why you should always keep in mind that something may/can go wrong.

Not hiring a designer

There is a reason why a designer exists. They have a degree in the subject. While no offense to anyone, a designer should understand about the interior design more than me or you.

Don’t cheap out hire a designer from the beginning of the process. Share your thought process with the designer and agree on the final design. That will make the work a ton easier. You will have a blueprint to work with and you will finish a lot faster.  Its important to get creative with your home as well.

Going for the lowest bid

Cheaper is not always better. If a trusted company bids higher and non-trusted company bids lower than that company you should always go for the trusted company.

If you try to cheap out here you may end up with many complications during the process of renovation.

No references

When you hire a designer don’t be shy to ask for reference and his/her portfolio. Make sure to ask all the questions that you have in your mind. Make sure their and your vision matches and their references are as good as they claim.

Don’t be shy to inquire a more about them off the book.

Don’t pretend to understand blueprint

It’s not uncommon for a person to not understand the design scheme. Don’t lie here as you used to in your school. If you don’t understand the blueprint ask the designer to explain to you as detailed as possible.

Ask questions

I have been saying this for a while now, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask all the questions that you have in your mind. They are humans after all they don’t bite. So, make sure you prepare your questions beforehand and ask them thoroughly. If a random question pops in your mind on the spot ask that too. You have to be as transparent with them as possible.

Setup a timeline

You should make a timeline or a rough estimate about the schedule. Trust me this will make your work a lot easier. For example, 10 days to renovate the sidewall, 5 days to paint the wall, etc. If you schedule this out beforehand you can talk with contractors and say that they need to follow the timeline and finish it in time.

These are the basic mistakes that all rookie renovators make. If you take a little precaution and learn more about the process trust me, it will be enjoyable for you and you will finish it ahead of time. You also visit here to know more karmaconstructiongroup.com

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