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How can drug charges in Denver affect you?

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If you are charged with a drug crime in Denver, it can have a major impact on your life. This includes short and long-term economic and non-economic effects. The laws governing drug charges in Denver can often be complicated, and you are likely to benefit from having an experienced attorney on your side. It also helps to know the basics to make informed decisions about the drug charges. Continue reading to learn how drug charges in Denver can affect you. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about opioid use disorder.

Drug Schedules in Denver 

You can face drug charges in Denver for the manufacturing or distribution of other certain controlled drugs, including marijuana, meth, and cocaine. To understand drug penalties in Denver, we have to first understand the different drug schedules in Colorado. According to the state laws in Colorado, drugs or controlled substances are divided into five schedules: 

  1. Schedule I Drugs: This category is for the most dangerous drugs, such as heroin and LSD. 
  2. Schedule II Drugs: These include substances that pose a high risk of addiction but are used in Colorado for medicinal purposes. Examples include opioids and methamphetamines
  3. Schedule III Drugs: These drugs do not have a heightened risk of addiction and are used for medical benefits. Examples include ketamine and anabolic steroids. 
  4. Schedule IV Drugs: These drugs have little potential for abuse and dependency, but they still pose some risks. An example is Valium. 
  5. Schedule V Drugs: These drugs pose the least risk and are the least addictive on this list. Examples include over-the-counter medicines for the common cold. 

Penalties of Drug Charges in Denver 

A possession charge for Schedule V drugs can lead to a misdemeanor. Possession of any other type of drug is considered a felony in the state of Colorado. A felony charge often leads to serious punishment in terms of jail time, fines, and a criminal record. The lowest felony drug charge includes heavy fines, one year in jail, and a year of parole. You could also have your driver’s license suspended for at least one year. 

If you are charged with drug distribution or drug trafficking, then the penalties could be even stricter. A drug charge in Denver can have long-term consequences, as you could have the charge on your criminal record, which can affect your current and future earning potential. It can also cause significant mental distress and trauma for you and your dependents. 

Defenses to Drug Charges in Denver 

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Denver, you need to get in touch with a drug possession lawyer in Denver who can guide you on potential defenses to your case. They will have to review the facts of your case to guide you on the best legal route for your situation. The most common defenses to drug crimes in Denver include lack of knowledge that the substance was a drug, lack of control, and showing the accused were unaware of the drugs in their presence.

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