How to Choose the Best Grill Mats

Maybe you love to cook, but want to avoid the mess. It is either the best grill mats or nothing else. There is just one little problem. There are a million grill mats on the market. How in the world will you find the best?

Well, it turns out there are things you can do to stand a good chance with your choice. You are going to find out in this article how to choose the best.

Here are the things you should check out.

1. The Grates And the Size of the Mat

The best grill mats for each person start with something that fits your purpose perfectly. So once you take notice the grates, you need to compare the size of the mat to the size of your grill. Does it fit – perfectly?

Once a grill mat fits your grill, you should examine the design. You can definitely notice the grate.

The best grill mats will not allow food to fall into the fire through the grates. When you are keeping the food on the mat, you shouldn’t find a messed up floor below because the grates are too wide. So first, notice the design. You will be preparing all kinds of foods such as burgers, fish, veggies, and meat. You will be adding sauce at times. So think in that respect and see if the grates will do just fine. You will be preventing flare-ups while cooking.

2. Shouldn’t Be Sticky

Great mats will be coated with non-stick coating. If the mat sticks to food, it will leave stains on your food and alter or flaw the taste. There shouldn’t be a struggle between you and the mat when you are trying to serve the food. That’s quite embarrassing and more so when the taste isn’t perfect. Then there will be stains on the mat that is more difficult to clean. (This is definitely  not a characteristic of the best grill mats.)

Some grill mats will be non-sticky for the first few uses and on the tenth use, they begin to stick. There is no particular way to find out if the mat will stick to your food after a few uses. Usually, in this case, you can rely on online reviews or go for popular brands.

3. What is Temperature Capacity?

The maximum temperature for the best grill mats is usually 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You might be tempted to go higher but do not. The source of your heat will also be of help. Some mats can survive any heat source such as gas, charcoal, gas, or electric ones. So read the details of the mats to ensure you aren’t limited to a choice because the manufacturer says it will last longer with a specific kind of heat. The best grill mats work fine on any source of heat or device.

4. The Thickness

0.25 is a good thickness for grill mats. Too thick of a mat tend to distribute heat poorly. You can end with a part well-grilled while another is a mere scratch. A mat that is too thin will get hot quickly and may burn the food faster than you are used to. 0.25 thicknesses seem average and always work fine.

When the mat is too thin and you keep using it, it wears out and can crack someday. It will leave a bad taste on your prepared meat or fish. This also means at some point the mat may be able to handle heat that is as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Cracking all of sudden can even lead to the release of harmful chemicals depending on the material of the mat. 

5. Texture

Usually, the texture of the grilled mat is indicated with a kind of scientific term – coefficient of friction (COF). But it is just talking about texture.

While there are rough and smooth surfaces, you need to choose the best always. Although the choice is completely up to you and this factor doesn’t have any effect on food taste, you should go for a smooth surface. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean. Maintenance should be easy when making a choice of the best grill mats.

In conclusion, durability and long-term use are also important. Be on the lookout for any mats that say ‘revertible and reusable.’ But if you stick with the other points in the article, especially heat capacity, you will be able to find the best grill mats.

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