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How to Dress Up the Lovely In-Laws at Weddings

How to Dress Up the Lovely In-Laws at Weddings

Weddings are spectacular events. They are emotional, especially for the parents who watch their children become united with their significant other. This is why the task of picking the right clothes for them on that special day can seem to be very stressful.

The etiquette of wedding attire, especially for in-laws, can sometimes be confusing and the guides can be misleading. Unlike etiquette for dressing bridesmaids or groomsmen, which is pretty clear for any person familiar with wedding etiquette, rules for dressing your in-laws are not as popular. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on what to consider when choosing clothes for your in-laws.

The wedding formality

The choice will primarily depend on the formality of the wedding. For example, dads and moms will have to go for a strictly formal option if the wedding is strictly formal. In addition to that, wedding experts at https://madamebridal.com/mother-of-bride-groom-dresses advise mothers to really put in as much effort as possible to look as lovely as they can since a lot of eyes will be on them. Gowns and dresses should be elegant and offer a youthful look. As for dads, their get-up should match the formality of the groomsmen’s or even surpass it. At semi-formal weddings, fathers will have to follow the dress code and be as formal as the wedding requires. Yet, for less formal weddings, dads can exceed the formality of the groomsmen’s attire but definitely not the groom’s suit. To decide this, you can ask yourself whether your outfit would look too formal if you stood next to the groom.

Color scheme

All in-laws need to know about the color scheme before choosing their outfits. You don’t want them to stick out like sore thumbs in photos and in person! This is important, especially for moms when they coordinate their dresses with the color of the bridesmaid’s dress.

One of the most beautiful color schemes is a multi-color one. There is nothing more pleasant than having all the guests wear different shades, so when you look at all of them, you will see a rainbow of colors. Your wedding will look bright with different shades, and no one has to stick to one color. The moms can have the freedom to wear whatever they want since it will fit in regardless of what color they choose to wear. However, the groom’s mother should be aware of what the bride’s mom will wear first before choosing her dress.

The no-matching rule

This rule applies to many things. For example, the dress of the bride’s mother should go with the bridesmaid’s dress, but it shouldn’t match it. Since it is an emotional day for the bride’s mom, she should stand out, and her dress must be different. As mentioned before, the dress of the groom’s mom should be complementary to the dress of the bride’s mom, but it shouldn’t match it in color. It shouldn’t also match the color of the bridesmaid’s dress. The same thing goes for dads. Their suits should be coordinated in terms of formality and style, but their colors shouldn’t match.

Mothers’ dresses

Keeping all these details in mind, mothers should pick a dress that is complementary to the bridesmaid’s dress. An idea for this is to wear shoes or accessories that match the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. The dress, in this case, should be of a neutral color like gray, for example. The mothers should also consult the bride about the color she would like to see them wearing and what might fit the color scheme she chose for the wedding, bearing in mind that the groom’s mom should pick her dress after the bride’s mom has picked her own first.

Fathers’ suits

Fathers shouldn’t be dressed the same as the groomsmen. Since their role, especially the role of the bride’s father, is important, their attire should stand out to match the importance of that role. If the dad likes to add personal touches to his outfits, then he could do that to his wedding outfit. It should fit the color scheme of the wedding properly though. A unique pocket square or quirky cufflinks might be just the thing to finish off a dad’s look. Fathers should coordinate their outfits, but they should still apply the no-matching rule.

Weddings are a wonderful chance to dress to the nines. Seeing your son or daughter on their big day, content with their new partner is an incentive to look your best with this enchanting memory. Following the tips mentioned here will surely make the whole process much easier to go through and you’re bound to find the perfect clothes for the in-laws without a doubt!

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