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How to Use Charm Packs to Charm Your Home

If you are into quilting or have a liking for haberdashery, you’ll be familiar with charm packs. These artful items can be usually considered as the centerpiece of any fabric due to their fancy and colorful designs. If you are new to the world of fabrics and haberdashery, you’ll be amazed and enchanted by the charm of charm packs, especially when it comes to decorating your home or changing your tapestry or your bedsheets and pillowcases. These small pieces can bring out a whole new color and depth to your living spaces.

As we go along, we’ll explore how charm packs can be used to add a sense of charm and enchantment to your home.

Charm up you curtains

Most of us may have been used to using monochrome color schemes for our curtains. We may have only had a choice between light colored and dark colored curtains depending on how glaring the sun is at certain parts of the year. Seasoned fabric craft professionals at Hot Pink Haberdashery suggest that you get creative and playful with your curtains. Instead of just dispersing sunlight evenly inside your home, add a more aesthetic function to your curtains by incorporating colorful designs into it. Curtains are actually one of the parts of your home that can be easily seen from the outside. Making your curtains colorful and charming can also give off a warm and welcoming air to your home and attract visitors more.

Make your living room enchanting

You may have gotten used to the color schemes of your living room that sometimes they just lose their visual appeal. Experiment with charm packs into your haberdashery project and create colorful pillowcases for your sofa’s throw pillows. If your sofa comes with a cover or slip, match its design with the throw pillow charm packs or better yet, include the same charm packs in the sofa cover to create the illusion of coming from the same fabric or set of charm packs.

Liven up your table setting

Lace or white table runners give your tables a formal or sophisticated feel, and they are most fitted for special occasions and gatherings. When it comes to receiving guests and visitors, you can try giving your home a more welcoming and cheerful feel by adding charm pack designs to your table runners. Use pastel colors to complement your home’s natural and artificial lighting. You’ll also be surprised at how homey your home feels with this refreshing change of fabric and design to your table runner.

Make your covers colorful

You may have a sewing machine, a turntable or piano at home which you do not frequently use. A colorful and creative way of protecting these precious household items is to use charm packs to create a lively dust cover. It’s also a good way of showing your care and appreciation of your household items, especially those with sentimental value. Keeping them away from the elements while also putting on colorful covers over them can keep your home full of joy and memories.

Add volume and depth to your living spaces

Rugs can make a great complement to the interior design of your living spaces, particularly your living room. If your interior decoration follows a certain scheme or pattern, your rugs can further enhance the interior design by complementing the furniture, curtains, wall attachments such as paintings, mirrors, frames and tapestry. Give your floor a youthful and vibrant look by adding charm pack patterns to the area rug that match or complement your living room theme or design. Your room can also get the same vibrant makeover by adding a medium-sized patterned rug using charm pockets as its main pattern. Since the room is yours, you have more freedom to play with the designs and patterns and you can try to contrast the rug color with the room’s color scheme to make it come to life.

Dress up your containers with charm packs

Redefine and give new life to the large containers that you have inside your home. Your laundry basket and your flower pot boxes or basket for your indoor plants can take on a new look once you fit them with customized cloth sheets made of charm packs. Folks in your home will appreciate the new look you have given to these containers and these fitted charmers will also give you a refreshing perspective of the things inside your home.

Give your tote bags a charming touch

You can make a grand project of creating a new tote bag made with charm packs or you can apply a makeover to your available tote bag at home. If you have sufficient supply of cloth to make a new tote bag designed with charm packs, then go for it and make your creativity and imagination run wild. If you want your design to go with the season, you can go for floral charm pack designs. If you want a timeless tote bag you can carry with you throughout the year, you can select geometric patterns and designs. If you don’t want to set aside your good old tote bag for a new one but would love to give it a more charming look, you can make charm pack designs all over the tote bag to enhance its general appearance. You can piece together charm packs or blocks and patch them onto your tote bag to make it look livelier. Now you have a lovely tote bag to carry things with or to bring to the grocery store. You can also enhance your fashion statement by bringing along a charm pack-designed tote bag to complement your outfit. Having a colorful tote bag hang over your front door or closet door gives the area a temporary visual appeal as it contrasts the monochromatic background.

Give your tote bags a charming touch

Charm packs are a wonderful addition to your haberdashery collection. They can also give you new creative quilting or sewing ideas where you can create new projects or simply improve the looks of the linens and fabrics you have at home. Being creative and open to changes can open up new possibilities and nearly endless avenues where you can use charm packs. You won’t know how good your new quilting or sewing project will be unless you try it out.

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