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How to Use Video on Your Website to Convert More Leads

How to Use Video on Your Website to Convert More Leads

Adding video content to your website is one of the best ways to boost conversions. Not only do customers love video content, but Google’s algorithm loves it too. That’s why nearly 90% of marketers are using video content to increase sales.

But adding just any video to your website won’t open the profit floodgates. You’ve got to choose the right type of video to fit your brand and your target. Then, you need to commit to creating quality video content (a poorly produced video can damage your brand).

Below, we’ll introduce you to the most popular video styles and tell you how to use them to boost conversions on your website.

Landing Page Videos

Landing page videos have the potential to get the most bang for your buck. In fact, landing page videos have been found to increase conversion by up to 80%.

Most of your traffic will encounter your landing page, making it a great opportunity to introduce your brand with an intro video. Intro videos are especially helpful if your product or brand is not well known.

An intro video gives you the opportunity to present your brand to your target, define your tone, engage with the viewer, and pitch a sale (CTA) all at once.

Experiential videos work well on landing pages too, especially for lifestyle brands. These types of videos create a distinct feel and emotional hook, turning your brand into an experience.

For more complex products like software or machinery, landing pages can be a good place for demonstration videos or testimonials (more on that below).

Product Page Videos

More brands are starting to add videos to individual product pages. Video provides consumers with more information and a better look at a product before buying. This makes them feel more confident and likely to make a purchase.

73% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product if they see a video of it first.

If you’re selling a physical product, make some high-quality video showing the product from every angle or demonstrating how it works. This is really important for clothing and apparel brands.

For non-physical products, consider making an animation demonstrating just how easy it is to use your service.

Background Video

Background videos play behind the text and provide a backdrop for your written content or images. They add a new level of depth to your web pages and make your site stand out. They’re also a great way to turn shopping into an experience.

But be careful. Well-made and well-executed background videos (like this one) draw viewers in and keep them on-page longer. Poorly-executed background videos can make your site difficult to read and navigate.

If you choose to use a background video, minimize the written content on the page and go for a more visual-focused message.

Instructional Videos

If your customers are often wondering how your product works, you should include some how-tos or explainer videos on your site. This can increase customer confidence by addressing their uncertainties on-page.

Explainer content is a prime example of the type of content that customers want to watch and not read. That’s why adding instructional videos has been found to boost conversions by up to 20%.

Mint.com has a strong explainer video that’s easy to understand and adds value to their pitch.


Adding a testimonial video to your reviews page or the bottom of your landing page makes it easy for visitors to your site to see what others are saying about your brand.

Consumers trust video testimonials, and they’re more likely to remember the message compared to written reviews. You can use testimonials to highlight the benefits of your product. For bonus conversions, you can make different testimonials for different targeted landing pages.

Just make sure that your testimonials are authentic. If they sound scripted or seem over-produced, your traffic may get suspicious.

Add Video to Your Website Today

Video content is critical to your website if you hope to maximize conversions and please the almighty Google algorithm. Don’t wait to add a video to your site. It’s easy to make an instructional or testimonial video in the short term with basic tools on your computer. In the long term, aim to produce a high-quality landing page video.


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