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Eddie Floyd (born Eddie Lee Floyd in 1937 in Montgomery, Alabama) is a R&B singer-songwriter. He has been known for his long and fruitful association with Stax Records where he was one of the label’s most prolific and productive songwriters. Floyd one of the founding members of The Falcons, considered as the prototype R&B vocal group whose footsteps would be followed by other vocal acts such as the Temptations.

Floyd sang lead for a time when original singer Joe Stubbs left, until a new lead singer in Wilson Pickett came over. When Pickett too left the Falcons, the band soon disbanded. After the Falcons, Floyd took a job as a songwriter for Stax.

As a recording artist, Floyd scored his biggest hit with “Knock On Wood” during the 60s music era, which topped the R&B singles chart and is now an oldies music favorite. Despite his busy recording career, he was still able to be one of Stax’s most prolific hitmakers. In the 1980s he collaborated and fronted the comic R&B revivalist band The Blues Brothers in their major tours. Floyd is still active recording and performing up to the present. The full biography follows below.

Floyd’s Career As a Songwriter

Floyd’s first recording contract was with Stax Records in 1965, as its songwriter. He wrote a song for Carla Thomas called “Comfort Me,” which became a hit. He also collaborated with Stax’s house guitarist Steve Cropper to write songs for Floyd’s ex-Falcons bandmate Pickett. Pickett was by now signed to Atlantic Records, which became Stax’s national distributor. Floyd and Cropper wrote hits for Pickett such as “634-5789” and “Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won’t Do).”

Floyd’s Singing Career

In 1966, Floyd and Cropper wrote a song originally intended for Otis Redding. Floyd also recorded the song, entitled “Knock on Wood.” Music journalist-turned-producer Jerry Wexler (the man also responsible for bringing Pickett to New York to work with Booker T. and MGs) convinced the big bosses of Stax to release Floyd’s version of “Knock on Wood.” Stax relented, effectively launching the essentially songwriting Wood’s solo singing career.

“Knock on Wood” reached the top of the R&B singles chart, and #28 on the Billboard pop chart, in 1966. Since then it has been covered by a lot of artists including David Bowie, Count Basie, Amii Stewart, and eventually, Otis Redding (in a duet with Carla Thomas).

Floyd also had additional significant hits including “I’ve Never Found a Girl (to Love Me Like You Do)” (#40 pop, #2 R&B) and “Bring It Home to Me” (#17 pop, #4 R&B).

He also had minor chart placers like “Raise Your Hand” (#79 pop, #16 R&B, #42 UK) which was eventually covered by Janis Joplin and Bruce Springsteen.

Floyd as a Versatile Artist

Floyd grew to be one of Stax’s most versatile artists, while maintaining himself as one of the label’s prolific songwriters. Almost all of the Stax artist recorded songs that were written by Floyd, including Sam & Dave’s “You Don’t Know What You Mean to Me,” Otis Redding’s “I Love You More Than Words Can Say” and Johnnie Taylor’s “Just the One,” among many others.

In 1980 Floyd was still active, releasing material for the UK-based I-Spy Records. He also joined the revivalist band The Blues Brothers on a series of world tours. In the late 1990s he and Pickett reunited on the Blues Brothers film Blues Brothers 2000 where they sang “634-5789” together.

Up to the present Floyd has continued to perform and record; occasionally his son Anthony Floyd, sings with him. He returned to Stax Records in 1998; the label is now owned by Concord Music Group. There he released an album called Eddie Loves You. He also released a holiday album in 2012, At Christmas Time.

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