Introduction to Jimmy Elledge


Jimmy Elledge (1943-2012) was an American country singer and musician from the 60s music era. He is primarily known for his only hit and now oldies music classic “Funny How Time Slips Away,” which placed on the Billboard Top 40 chart during this decade, making him a one hit wonder.

Brief musical career

American country/rock n’ roll/pop singer and musician Jimmy Elledge was born in Nashville, Tennessee on January 8, 1943. He first played the piano when he was six and later performed for a local school orchestra. Legend tells that his own mother took him to see Chet Atkins, the legendary country producer, at RCA Victor.

Speaking of RCA, when he was 18 years old he sent a demo tape to the label, which led to his contract signing. His single, “Funny How Time Slips Away” was written by Willie Nelson and produced by Atkins, and has been covered by other artists since. It is often said to be his debut single, although other sources cite that it was actually his second. In any case, the single went on to peak at #22 on the Billboard pop chart in 1961 (or early 1962). The hit sold over a million copies, giving Elledge a gold disc.

However, his follow-up singles (he also recorded for Hickory Records) never charted, making him a one hit wonder. He recorded other songs such as “What a Laugh,” “A Legend in My Time,” “I Miss You Already,” and “Bo Diddley” in his records which are now considered rare nowadays.

Elledge passed away on June 10, 2012, from complications following a stroke. He was 69 years old.


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