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Is Affiliate Rescue Legit?

Have you always wanted to become an effective affiliate marketer but the path to success always seems to elude you? Have you paid for one ineffective affiliate marketing course after another hoping to finally discover the Holy Grail that will help you break through to success?

I’m happy to tell you that you’ve finally found the right place in the right mentor in Tim Schmidt. His latest coaching program and training is called Affiliate Rescue. In it, you’ll learn affiliate marketing fundamentals, black hat SEO techniques, and the latest tried-and-true tactics that will help you get started as an affiliate marketer or take your success to another level.

The beauty of Tim’s program is that it’s so much more than a mere affiliate marketing course. While there is certainly fantastic video training involved, this is also a live coaching program as well. Tim will open up his affiliate website portfolio, show you his successful affiliate websites, and provide live teaching that will give you the ability to take your affiliate marketing website to greater heights.

I personally love this coaching program and training because it’s jam packed with so much value that it’s hard to put a price tag on its true worth. Just know that whatever Tim is charging at the moment, you’re getting this valuable training and information at a steep discount.

In this course, you’ll learn the following fundamentals, tried-and-true tactics, and up-to-date methods. They include:

  • Proven and Established Techniques – Tim will share everything that he’s learned in the past 20+ years to help you become an effective and expert affiliate marketer. This insight is so valuable and will help you leapfrog from a novice to an affiliate marketing expert in no time flat
  • Up-close and Personal Live Coaching Demonstrations – Affiliate Rescue is much more than a run-of-the-mill video marketing course. Tim Schmidt will open his affiliate site portfolio to you and show you the strategies and tactics that have allowed him to achieve massive success over the years
  • Foundational Content Strategies – the strategies consist of the best ways to create valuable content that your readers will want to devour. Plus, you’ll learn the best content strategies to help rank highly in Google while avoiding potential helpful content update penalties
  • Tim’s Personal Vendor List – this priceless list will give you access to contact info of all of Tim’s favorite vendors in the affiliate marketing space. You’ll discover the best content marketing specialists, graphic designers, SEO experts, and a wide variety of experts in other areas
  • Inner Linking Content – there’s a right way and a wrong way to interlink your content. Tim will use his vast experience to teach you the right way to help you achieve maximum results for minimal effort
  • Website Examination – Schmidt will examine your website and make suggestions on the necessary improvements and updates that you can make to prepare your website for sale. Affiliate website flipping is a great way to make large profits in one fell swoop
  • 301 and Merger and Acquisition Tactics – Affiliate Rescue will teach you the best 301 and merger and acquisition tactics to add to your affiliate marketing arsenal
  • Digital PR Methods – learn the latest and greatest techniques to improve your digital public relations. These methods will show you the best way forward when it comes to digital PR
  • Instant Domination with Parasite SEO Tactics – use these valuable tactics to instantly dominate within any niche
  • and so much more

Remember, Tim is only opening up his training and coaching program to the first 50 applicants. Do yourself a favor and fill out an application immediately to find out if you qualify to personally work with Tim to take your affiliate marketing goals and dreams to the next level.

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Jason T Woon

Two Major Benefits to Joining Affiliate Rescue Presented by Tim Schmidt

You may be wondering whether or not Affiliate Rescue is the right coaching and training program to meet your needs. Since I don’t know you personally to make this determination, the best I can do is share the biggest benefits of joining this program that I’ve discovered after personally examining the course.

They include:

Successful Students: Past & Present

In my opinion, the easiest way to determine if a training program will lead to success is examining the words and sentiments from current and former students. Throughout the years, Tim has mentored many students who have gone on to become affiliate marketing masters in their own right.

For example, Gregory Ortiz is an affiliate marketing guru and master and his skills are undeniable. Guess what? He’s also one of Tim’s former students and still uses his training to this day. That’s why he’s such a strong supporter of Affiliate Rescue.

In Gregory’s own words, after working directly with Tim, “Thanks to Tim, I was able to have my first ever big affiliate month. It was the first affiliate project that I worked on. Thanks to a bunch of things that Tim kind of taught me and put together, I was able to have a $30,000 month just from that affiliate offer that I was promoting at the time.”

Success leaves clues ladies and gentlemen. In this case, Gregory’s success is a massive clue telling you that Tim Schmidt knows his stuff!

Live Coaching & Training

Your average run-of-the-mill affiliate marketing courses are never willing to open up their personal affiliate website portfolio and share it with the class.

Affiliate Rescue is much different in this regard. In fact, Tim is going to open up his portfolio to you live and teach over-the-shoulder coaching and training by sharing everything that he’s done to become such a successful affiliate marketer for the past 20+ years.

Limited Time Offer – Don’t Hesitate to Apply

There’s never been a better time to work personally with Tim Schmidt to learn to walk the path of affiliate marketing success.


It’s simple. Tim doesn’t mentor students very often. In fact, he’s only opening this program up to the first 50 qualified applicants. So, if you’re desperate to become a master affiliate marketer, I strongly suggest that you apply to this mentorship program right now before the doors close forever.

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