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It’s Time To Add Cotton Jersey Fabric To Your Wardrobe

It's Time To Add Cotton Jersey Fabric To Your Wardrobe

Cotton jersey fabric is one material that is known for being stretchy and soft. It is a single knit material with a natural elasticity used to make t-shirts and bedsheets. Some great things about cotton jersey fabric that it doesn’t wrinkle and is machine washable. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with low-maintenance materials, make sure your clothes are made from cotton jersey fabric.

The Origins of Cotton Jersey Fabric

Cotton Jersey fabric was first discovered in the Channel Island of Jersey during the medieval era. It was first used for men’s underwear and sweaters for fishermen. In 1916, designer Coco Chanel began using the material for women’s wear for dresses and coats. The fabric was originally made from wool. To make the jersey fabric more affordable, it was then made with cotton and synthetic materials. This also drove the cost down of jersey knit.

Caring for Cotton Jersey Fabric Material

Clothes made from cotton jersey fabric can be machined washed due to their ability to stretch, with minimal shrinkage and wrinkles. When machine washing, it’s best to use cold water to reduce shrinkage. You can also hand-wash, air dry, or tumble dry on low.

Since the material naturally stretches, the clothing or sheets keep their shape after machine washing and drying. When you buy clothes that can withstand machine care, you can lower your dry-cleaning bill. In addition to saving on dry cleaning, you also spend less time ironing, since the clothes don’t wrinkle that much after machine drying.

If your clothes are made from 100% cotton jersey knit, you can also spot clean any stain. This can help you if you have a work presentation after lunch, and you happen to get a ketchup stain on your blouse or shirt. Cotton jersey knit releases odors very easily during machine washing. If you work out a lot, make sure your workout clothes are made from cotton jersey fabric to release old odors.

The Types of Cotton Jersey Fabrics

What makes the cotton jersey fabric stretch is the fact that it is knitted and not woven. Here are the two main types of cotton jersey that are used today:

  1. Standard jersey— this material is single-knit, by using one set of needles to create a smooth surface on one side.
  2. Double-knit jersey— this knit is also called interlock, where two different types of single-knits are joined to create smooth surfaces on both sides.

The single-knit material of cotton jersey fabric not only makes it stretch, but also breathable and absorbent. This makes it great for items you use daily like shirts, underwear, and sweats. The stretchiness of the material is also great for spandex. Cotton jersey is opaque, due to the close knitting of the fibers. It also fits the body well with a nice drape. Most of all, the softness of the material provides comfort to your body.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, or other personal needs like bedding, make sure that they are made from cotton jersey fabric for easy clean, durability, and comfort.

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