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Learn About The Abandoned Residential Development Burj Al Babas In Turkey

Turkey is well-known for its beautiful and extravagant landscapes. In fact, tucked away in the beautiful hills of Mudurnu is an even more amazing sight; the infamous abandoned residence project – Burj al Babas. Mainly, this ambitious project was supposed to be a luxurious housing development with architecturally designed homes that looked like castles from a modern fairy tale. However, Burj al Babas has became a powerful symbol of a haunting reminder of broken dreams and the devastating result of financial ruin. 

The Sarot Group, a well-known Turkish real estate construction firm, built the Burj al Babas. The Sarot Group began the ambitious project in 2014 with the goal of building an affluent and magnificent residential neighborhood for locals and foreigners. Mehmet Emin Yerdelen, the company’s founder and chairman, led the effort to introduce an aspect of European elegance to the Turkish landscape.

With a portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, the Sarot Group has established a reputation for its real estate ventures. Moreover, Burj al Babas marked an enormous shift from their previous undertakings with its distinctive castle-like style and luxurious concept. The primary goal was to give affluent clients the opportunity to acquire a unique and lavish residence in a wonderful location. 

Situated near the beautiful shores of the Black Sea, the town reveals a fascinating sight of unfinished and empty 587 mini castles. They were offering a taste of royal living for those willing to invest between $370,000 and $500,000 in their own grand home. Additionally, each villa in Burj al Babas was designed to provide unmatched comfort and extravagance. (1) It is perched in the Roman spa town of Mudurnu, well known for its soothing hot springs and its believed therapeutic benefits. Hence, even in its current abandoned state, the vision for the project is evident: to bring the heights of European luxury to the heart of the Middle East. This goal includes underfloor heating and Jacuzzis on every level.

Why Was Burj Al Babas Abandoned? 

side angle of burj al babas during winter with road signs

Construction began in 2014 and was supposed to take four years for its completion. Nevertheless, despite its initial enthusiasm, the Sarot Group encountered various difficulties that ultimately contributed to the failure of the project. Also, financial issues brought significant obstacles, including budget constraints and economic losses. The business had trouble securing the money it needed to finish the project, and keep its promises to their clients.  

Moreover, external factors like fluctuating currencies and political instability worsened the Sarot Group’s financial troubles. Additionally, it made finding new customers or securing additional funding increasingly difficult. In light of these issues, Burj al Babas’ construction was put on hold, leaving the project in an incomplete state.

Will Burj Al Babas ever be finished?

In 2019, the Sarot Group faced a setback when investors and buyers withdrew their support from the $200 million Burj al Babas project. Despite this, the Sarot Group remained hopeful that the project would eventually be completed, as The New York Times reported. However, the project was further impacted by the unexpected disruptions caused by the pandemic, leading to its complete abandonment. Currently, it seems unlikely that the project will resume. Architectural Digest reached out to the Sarot Group for comment but has not received a response as of the time of publication. 

Presently, it is still being determined when the abandoned residential construction of Burj Al Babas will be finished. Construction on the project was put on hold as a result of financial issues the Sarot Group was having, leaving its future uncertain. Such a large-scale project would need to be revived and completed, requiring enormous finances, careful planning, and renewed interest from buyers or investors.

Although there have been speculations and rumors surrounding potential restoration plans or alternative uses for the site, no actual activities have been made to date. The fate of Burj Al Babas ultimately rests on several variables, including the state of the economy, investor standpoint, and the desire of individuals to take the required steps to revive the project.

It’s crucial to remember that abandoned construction projects like Burj Al Babas have occasionally seen a rebirth in the past. The project may be revived in the future depending on market conditions, investor viewpoints, or new prospects. Whether Burj Al Babas will ever be finished is questionable without a clear blueprint or significant progress.


The Burj al Babas housing project in Mudurnu, Turkey, was a real estate project that failed to pan out. Even though the project started out promising luxury living in houses that looked like castles, it ran into financial problems and had to be stopped. The Sarot Group, which was in charge of the project, was still hoping that it could be finished, but the pandemic made things even harder. At the moment, there are no clear plans for bringing the project back to life, and its future is still unclear. Although the Burj al Babas project ultimately failed, its abandoned state stands as an eerie and poignant reminder of the hopes and dreams of those who aspired for its success, also adding a unique and haunting beauty to the scenic landscapes of Turkey.

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