LED light bulbs

One of the newest technologies to be incorporated for replacing the conventional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs is the Led light bulbs. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and the technology, truth be told, is not new. You might remember those decoration lights which everyone puts up on Christmas outside their house or those toy remote controlled cars, well, they both use LED technology. It’s only recently that LEDs have started being used as light bulbs and the benefits that they offer are staggering!

Prominent advantages of Led light bulbs:

Energy efficiency: The biggest benefit of Led light bulbs is that they have great energy efficiency! How much? Well almost 90% more efficient than your regular incandescent or fluorescent bulb! A typical light bulb only converts about 10% of electricity into light and the rest is wasted as heat. Then you end up paying for heat loss and not light with a normal light bulb.

Life Span – LED bulbs last a long time, and compared to the life of a normal bulb, it seems like forever. Does a typical bulb have a lifespan of approximately 1500 hours maximum and an LED bulb? What does an operating expectation of 100,000 hours sound like? Yes, you read correctly, LEDs can last almost 20 years! So go with your kids and buy one today because it will last until they go to college or even beyond.

Reduce less heat: Unlike a conventional light bulb that uses electricity to produce heat that in turn turns into light, LEDs do not use this process to produce light. LED bulbs use semiconductors instead of filaments, and electricity is used to stimulate the electrons contained in these semiconductors, which then produce light. Since no heat is used in this process, LEDs produce what is called ‘cold light’ and is ideal for long-term use as there is no risk of fire.

Eco-friendly: Another great advantage of using LED lights is that they are eco-friendly! A normal incandescent light bulb contains many harmful elements such as mercury, etc., which are extremely harmful to the environment. An LED bulb, on the other hand, is made from environmentally friendly toxin-free material.

Above are just some of the main benefits of LED bulbs, and while the number of advantages they offer over normal bulbs is definitely excellent, they are still quite expensive compared to the normal bulb. But it’s worth considering that while the initial investment would be large, they will last almost 100 times longer than conventional lights!

What to Consider before Buying Led light bulbs?

Wattage – This is what tells you how much power is required in order for the bulb to generate light. So of course a 40 watt bulb will actually consume a great deal of power in order to emit a good level of light. However when it comes to an LED bulb they normally use between 1 and 10 watts of power to create the same levels of light. So of course you will see that this type of light will actually reduce the costs of running lighting in your home in the future.

Lumens – This word is used to describe the level of brightness that a light bulb emits. Therefore the more lumens then the light emitted by the bulb are going to be much brighter. Even though an LED bulb uses less power the construction of them is one that actually causes them to emit a much brighter and whiter form of light compared to conventional bulbs.

Lighting Angle – When it comes to choosing any kind of LED lighting for your home you first need to think about how it is going to be used and where you intend to install it. For example if you intend to use such lighting in your bathroom for mirrors then select the kind of bulb that is going to provide a more focused beam of light. However if you intending to use your bulb to light up an area where will be reading or working then a bulb with a wider cone of light should be installed. Although the area of lighting may be considerably more when it comes to an LED bulb unlike other forms of bulbs it directs the light exactly where it is required.

Fittings – Before you can install any kind of LED bulb you need to identify what sort of connection you have

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