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Must-Have Items For a Comfortable Home Office

Must-Have Items For a Comfortable Home Office

Having a home office is one thing, having a comfortable home office is an entirely different game. If you’re looking to optimize your own productivity, you can include a few items within your personal space that will boost your energy. Here’s a look at some must-haves for your office design.

Adjustable Desk

Sitting for hours on end completing any task can be detrimental to your posture and your back. Having to work with a “one size fits all” desk is not going to contribute to building proper posture or help you avoid being hunched over in an uncomfortable position. Having a desk that you can adjust for height will really help you feel comfortable and focus on the tasks at hand. You shouldn’t have to reach for a bottle of Tylenol just to feel like you can keep doing the work you have to do. You would not accept this in any other office, so why would you accept this in your home office?

Coffee Maker (Seriously)

It can take upwards of 2 1/2 minutes to reorient yourself from a task that you were distracted from. Once you are distracted, it’s far more difficult to get back into “work mode”. Having a coffee maker inside your home office will help create more devotion for work completion because you won’t need to leave. Also, if you’ve ever worked in places that offer free coffee I’m sure you understand the benefits associated with java in the workplace. Coffee is proven to increase productivity, and you want to optimize work efficiency for yourself. Coffee also helps with memory, and can decrease the amount of time spent on a learning curve. There’s really no reason not to keep this helpful tool around the workstation.

Lounge Chair

You need to be able to relax every once in a while, most statistics suggest taking a 5 minute break from assignments every 90 minutes. The research findings suggest that creates more efficacious work produced. Having an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic lounge chair is going to let you relax and have a minute to drink your coffee. Styles inclusive of an ottoman specifically eames lounge chair reproduction let you put up your feet and appreciate the work you’ve accomplished. Alternatively, you can choose to put a laptop on your lap and get some work done while you’re resting.

Two Monitors

Having worked in an office with two monitors I can honestly say it’s hard to go back. The space and accessibility that an additional monitor gives your desktop is extremely useful. You’re able to keep documents open that you need in order to complete specific tasks, and you don’t need to be constantly scrolling through a list of tabs. Getting a monitor is relatively cheap when you compare it to the accessibility offered, and it doesn’t require a complex setup process. If you find you are having to switch between multiple tabs and it’s giving you a headache this is a definite “must” for your home office.

Natural Lighting (If Possible)

If you’re just setting up your home office, or you’re looking for another location in your house, you want to place it in an area that introduces the most amount of natural light possible. Natural lighting helps you feel like you aren’t trapped in a room, and it’s been shown scientifically to help with task accomplishment. If you’re unable to choose a spot that has many windows, try to avoid having too much or too little lighting. Being in a dark, confined room might make you feel like you’re working in a prison, and having too much light can be blinding and distract you.

Plant Life

There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of plants in your home office to make it feel more comfortable. Plants have been shown to improve mood, and they also create a nice aesthetic in the workplace. They’re minimal cost and they don’t require much effort to keep healthy. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can try your luck on a few easier plants, and I promise you’ll eventually become accustomed to taking care of them. They’re also good at purifying the air and making it more clean.

With the inclusion of a few items in your office, you’ll be feeling in the right mood to get work done. It doesn’t require a huge investment to change up the office atmosphere, and you’ll be thanking yourself later. Whether it’s just having some coffee on tap, or getting an awesome lounge chair, customizing your office with these must-haves will make you feel more professional.

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