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Saree styling tips for different seasons

Saree styling tips for different seasons

 Each season narrates its own unique story, allowing you to express your fashion sense through style. You just need to groom yourself for different seasons, therefore here is the blog about saree styling tips for different seasons, Where we have mentioned the different seasons of styling starting from a hot summer to a rainy season to winter and spring. You can elevate your fashion game by draping fabrics ranging from linen, cotton, and chiffon to pure silk and organza. You can scroll down to learn the secrets by following the below given tips.

Saree styling tips for different seasons

We experience different seasons with varying weather conditions. You desire to look gorgeous all the time, but seasonal changes can sometimes affect your choice of fabric. However, there is no need to worry. Regardless of the season, you won’t lose your style game. Just follow these tips on how to style a saree for different occasions.

summer season

Summer is synonymous with brightness and vibrancy. When styling a saree during this season, it’s crucial to consider the hot and humid weather. Be highly selective in your choice of fabrics.

Fabric- Cotton and Linen sarees are the ideal choice for the summer season. They not only lend a sophisticated look but also ensure comfort.

Color- Bright colors such as lemon yellow, orange, magenta, and coral are ideal for the summer season to match summer’s vibrancy.

For a soothing effect in this hot weather, consider pastel colors like light blue, dusty pink, mint green, Lavender, off-white, and mauve for your eyes.

Makeup- Subtle makeup is best for the hot and humid weather. You can use a matte foundation with SPF to avoid sweat and sun tan. A Matte nude color lipstick to match with your bright color saree. No makeup makeup look will be the best choice.

Monsoon season

I know navigating a saree during the monsoon season can be quite challenging, especially when the roads are soaked in mud and rainwater. Adding an umbrella to the ensemble makes it even more difficult. Thus, maintaining saree styling during the rainy season becomes quite tricky. But if you follow our below-given tips then your task of maintaining the saree during monsoon season will be a lot easier.

Fabric- A chiffon or georgette saree is the best choice for the monsoon season as it dries incredibly fast.

Color- Try some playful colors with floral, Digital, Lehariya, and Hand-block print saree.

Makeup- When you are thinking about makeup tips during the rainy season you have to keep in mind that makeup should be waterproof. Always go for waterproof mascara and Kajal and avoid lipgloss from bleeding. You can try some neutral color matte eyeshadows for this rainy season. Don’t forget to set your makeup with a translucent powder before stepping out of your home.

Autumn season

Autumn marks the season of festivals for us, including significant celebrations like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga puja, Laxmi puja, Navratri, and Karva Chauth. Styling uniquely and elegantly for these festivities holds great importance.

Fabric- Choosing fabric in this season is very important as you need to look glamorous and comfortable too. You can choose any fabric in the autumn season from listed below-

  1. Sico
  2. Satin
  3. Tussar
  4. Organza

Color- Autumn is all about warm colors. If you want to follow the color of autumn then don’t miss this Rust red, Mustard Yellow, Medium olive Green, Eggplant purple, and mid-brown color.

Makeup- You can go for a shimmery eye look and bright red lipstick to look extra glam during all the festivities this month. Soft glam makeup or dewy makeup look can be your best friend to pair up with your saree look. Try a lot of highlighter to shine with the festivals.

Pre-Winter season

When considering pre-winter saree styling, it’s crucial not to overlook Diwali, which holds immense significance for every woman during this season.

Fabric-When you are thinking about pre-winter saree styling then you should opt for fabrics like-Georgette, crepe, or silk blends. These materials provide a balance of elegance and warmth. This type of fabric is suitable for the pre-winter season.

Color- you can opt for black, dark blue, maroon, rani pink, or dark green colors.

Makeup- Deep-set smokey eye or bronzed makeup look will make you a diva with this saree styling. You can add some glitter or dual chrome eyeshadow to your makeup bag for the pre-winter season look.

Winter season

When considering the winter season, it’s not just a cold month but also the season for weddings. Styling a saree becomes crucial when attending numerous parties like New Year’s Eve, Christmas on the 25th of December, and a multitude of weddings. By following these tips, you will master the art of carrying a saree gracefully.

Fabric-  Opting for 100% pure silk is the perfect choice for winter. Not only does it shield you from the cold, but it also enhances your beauty. Having a Banarasi or Kanjivaram silk saree, or a pure silk Gadwal in your wardrobe can truly elevate your style game.

Color- Dark colors are perfect for the winter season. Opt for shades like Dark red, Maroon, Rust, or cider. If you prefer lighter tones, consider off-white, melange, sage green, beige, or silver colors.

Makeup- If you are going to attend a new Eve party then try a cat eyeliner look with bold red lipstick.

Halo eye makeup look will win the game if you are a bride on this season. Finish the makeup look by adding some clear lipgloss.

Spring season

Spring is the season of reborn, making it the perfect time to elevate your style with fresh colors for an aesthetic yet elegant look.

Fabric- You can try something lightweight and movable fabrics like Organza, Georgette, Crepe, and Chiffon.

Color- Saraswati Puja is held during the spring season, making yellow the color of the season. You can enrich your color palette with various shades of yellow, such as lime yellow, corn yellow, or mustard yellow, to elevate your style. For those seeking something different, experimenting with cyan, azure, or teal-like colors can also be a refreshing choice.

Makeup- Keep your makeup look simple. If you’re considering adding some color, opt for a fuchsia lipstick during the daytime and a bold purple shade if you’re feeling adventurous and want to step out of your comfort zone.

Conclusion: Whether it’s the scorching sun or the windy winter, there’s no need to worry. After reading this, you can try these tips and you will be able to successfully carry the saree gracefully.

Opting for 100% pure silk is the perfect choice for winter. Not only does it shield you from the cold, but it also enhances your beauty. Having a Benarasi or Kanjivaram silk saree, or a pure silk Gadwal, in your wardrobe can truly elevate your style game.

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