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Steps to Scoring the Ideal House in Singapore


Getting an apartment house in a new environment is always difficult. The routine is no different in Singapore, but there are several tips you could use to purchase your dream apartment house. You could be hunting for your ideal house, ranging from a small but cozy 1-room apartment to flats or mansions. Remember to research the types of amenities the apartments will offer, from pet-friendly construction work to parking compared to their rental rates.

You could research different real estate selling and renting companies for affordable rates for your apartment house, either the standard single room or studio apartment.

Below is a quick guide to aid you in understanding how to pick the ideal house for your stay.

Understand the country’s housing terms

Moving from region to region or country to country, you might have noted little to significant changes in typical real estate terms and language. Understand real estate regulations within the specific country, in this case, Singapore.

Find a convenient apartment

While house hunting, you should pick a house in an ideal spot. It should be near your school or workplace for easy access. Look through apartment houses in your area by map while looking at the available transport options and the distance to and from other places you frequent. Note that amenities located around a potential residence make your final choice easier with all the information required to identify a fitting area.

Check out properties being offered by real estate experts and secure a viewing. You may choose from a 1-bedroom to more extensive options like the 2-bedroom rented spaces. When relocating to a novel country like Singapore, you could book shared rooms designed properties online for more choices and flexibility.

Consider room sharing before settling for an apartment

Consider room sharing before settling for an apartment

Ask yourself if you will require the house for yourself, a family, or your loved one. Your answer will direct you towards selecting the ideal place that may suit your needs. For instance, booking a one bedroom one bath house is small, even for a small family. Properties featuring two or three-bedroom and other spaces like the dining and kitchen areas are more family-friendly. You might want the mansions which offer open areas that will support and nurture pets.

Before moving to Singapore, you need to understand regulations governing the Singaporean real estate renting and purchasing scene, whether for the short or long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners’ purchase or rent apartment houses in Singapore?

Regardless of your stay period, renting is always better in Singapore’s real estate. Foreigners are allowed to rent a Housing and Development Board (HDB) room or apartment. People rent depending on the board’s specific block quotas. Visitors are expected to complete at least a six month stay period by HDB. Landlords determine the lease duration on private property, and any bargain or negotiation should be with the landlord directly.

Is there a time limit to how long a foreigner can stay in Singapore?

If you look through platforms, you may find affordable long-term rentals. Searching through the long-term living apartments, you may find a beautiful destination which you could stay in for about six months. The HDB designs are small and compact, providing a sustainable environment packed with quality from bedrooms to kitchens to dining areas. Renewing a MOM issued Long Term Visa Pass (LTVP) requires up to six months before the expiry date. ICA issues LTVPs require

What are the average prices of renting an apartment house in Singapore?

Understand which apartments are available and cost-friendly. Getting to know the average housing rate also makes final judgment better. Remember that costs will vary between different cities and the period you stay at an apartment. Look into safe purchases and rent spaces that might not need your handling, renewals, or security deposit to ensure you enjoy super affordable housing in any significant Singapore city.


Searching for an apartment house goes beyond just cost-efficiency. Pick a place with essential amenities. Pinpointing the desired area should be your priority, followed by checking its prices. After securing several sites, view their efficiency according to the distance between the houses to necessary amenities and other areas like your school, if you are a student. After calculating distance, you could then eliminate homes based on accessible housing amenities available.

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