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Strata Title Management and Hudson Apartments win Smart Green Awards

Strata Title Management and Hudson Apartments win Smart Green Awards

The locals of Sydney city are well aware of how helpful the local government is to business owners by encouraging conservation of the environment and natural resources. The city of Sydney issues funding and sustainability grants to the residents as part of their initiative towards advocating for environmental conservation. The residents are encouraged to join programs that equip them with the requisite knowledge to reduce dreadful carbon emissions and water usage, impacting their saving money habits in the long run.

Smart Green Apartments

The Sydney strata buildings have embraced the construction of smart green apartments that have proved to be resourceful towards refining environmental performance within the surrounding. The city of Sydney has an annual opening to public participation to welcome other people’s opinion regarding smart green apartment as part of their initiative to build more water and energy efficient buildings. Currently, the smart green apartments program has been involved in 172 buildings and 141 strata plans with over 27,000 residents in more than 13,800 apartments. Part of the Hudson apartment’s savings includes an annual reduced total site of 279 megawatts which accounts for a 51% reduction. As part of their stimulation towards environmental consciousness, the city of Sydney has formulated smart green apartments awards that acknowledge the top-performing communities towards the initiative. The submissions towards the smart green awards program are judged by the city of Sydney renewables and talented strata resilience team.

Smart Green Residential Community Winner

In 2020, Hudson apartment, managed by STM, abbreviated as Strata Title Management, won the highly sought after smart green apartments award. The basis of the award winning was the apartment’s outstanding excellence, adherence to environmental upgrades and well-functioning community participation. According to an estimation, the upgrades such as park exhaust fans, lighting and pool heat pumps will reduce the energy costs by about $ 40,000 yearly, in addition to minimizing approximately 300 tons of greenhouse gases.

The community participation is inclusive of the food scraps recycling trial. The relevant authority should also include public participation to help attain green apartments as it takes more than one party to transform the environment to better standards.

Award-winning Strata Community Management

In addition to Hudson bagging the smart green apartment’s award, STM’s regional and senior community manager, Lynne Kopellos, got awarded as smart green community manager of the year.

Lynne got the award based on her competence and excellent decision-making abilities. Lynne has a desirable commitment towards ensuring the contentment of the owners. She has a proficient knowledge of managing living community, and she willingly shares her skills and techniques for the better good of the community. It was and honour and privilege to see Lynne and Hudson committee members honoured for their efforts. The shared respect for one another was palpable, and the sense of community was alive and well.

The local government of the city of Sydney encourages the country residents to partake in the many available initiatives to help make a difference in environmental conservation. The city’s website has informative information regarding available resources and facilities, making it the best place for a background check on smart green apartment programs. Additionally, you may also engage your relevant strata community management to make a positive and noticeable change to your apartments.

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