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The Best ’90s Shows to watch on Netflix

The Best '90s Shows to watch on Netflix

The 1990s television shows are a source of nostalgia and a bundle of entertainment for all the people who grew up in the 80s and 90s. Many ‘90s shows have been added to Netflix over the past few years and are gaining viewership globally. But of course, for those who love the feel of the 80s television shows, they are also available online.

The 90s era gave tons of classic TV shows that have huge fan followings to this day. A block-buster 90s show, FRIENDS, is still making its way in the most-watched shows on Netflix, which is indeed an achievement.

Netflix library includes many classics from the 90s, however, every region has its own library which can only be accessed if you are residing in that region. Folks at Streamingrant.com have unveiled the tricks to access any region’s Netflix library.

Not just the 90s shows are unparalleled in terms of reminiscence, the combination of originality, wit, humor, and spark is also unmatched. Aside from these, the music of the 90s used as the background of these shows was indeed remarkable as well. We have put together a list of the 10 best shows to watch on Netflix:

#10 Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a series following a murder investigation of a popular teenage girl, Laura Palmer. It was one of the most critically acclaimed and top-rated 90s shows. The series impacted pop culture by being referenced in various songs, books, films, and video games. It was featured in Time Magazine’s 100 Best TV Shows of All Time.

#9 Dawson’s Creek

Dawson Creek focuses on the story of four teenagers. It shows how they go through their adolescence and the struggles that they face during their teenage years. Dawson Leery, an introverted boy, and his best friend Joey Potter, a tomboy girl who’s unaware of her beauty, go through a time where they are confused by the circumstances and are trying to figure out how to get through the difficult points in their life.

#8 The Parkers

The Parkers is a Comedy TV series focused on the lives of a mother, Nikki Parker, and her daughter Kim Parker. Nikki goes to school to get her degree to admission to Santa Monica College. Nikki gets pregnant with her daughter Kim, so she had to drop out of her school. Now, Nikki wants to finish her education, so she decides to join her daughter and attend Santa Monica College.

#7 Tales of the City

Tales of the City is a 6 episode mini-series covering the lives of many colorful characters living in San Francisco. The mini-series is based on the first novel of the ‘Tales of the City’ novel series.

The miniseries starts in 1976, which shows Mary Ann as she decides to permanently settle in San Francisco after her vacation in the city. It gained controversy over its themes surrounding nudity, drug usage, and homosexuality. Despite the controversy, the mini-series gained record-breaking ratings.

#6 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stars Will Smith playing a fictionalized character of himself, who moves in with his rich uncle and aunt after getting in a fight in his neighborhood. He lives in the Bel-Air mansion of his uncle, and his lifestyle goes against the upper-class living styles at times. It also shows his cousins Hilary, Carlton, and Ashley’s life and revolves around the quirkiness and comedic moments among the characters.

#5 The West Wing

The West Wing shows the life of the presidential advisers who get their personal and professional lives blended as they try to manage the task of running a country. The fictional Democratic President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet offers a policy that estranges many people. He and his staff try their best to maintain an equilibrium between the country’s needs and the politics of Washington DC. The show reloves around different scandals, threats, and drama.

#4 Charmed

Charmed is a TV series that is about the story of three powerful witches with good intentions. They are called “The Charmed One” by the supernatural community but are known as the Halliwells by everyone else. All three sisters possess supernatural powers that evolve as they grow up in their lives. The three sisters live together and fight the demons and evil forces that come into their city to protect their fellow beings.

#3 Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks go back to the 80s, where there are two groups of teenagers, the Freaks that have the cool guys and the Geeks with gentle and nerdy teens. A misfit highschool teenager, Lindsey Weir, tries to gel in the group. Meanwhile, his older sister gels in with the dope guys. He is destined to become a millionaire but is stuck in a school where most of the guys are bullies.

#2 The X-Files

The X-files is about the two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who both are quite different as Mulder believes in paranormal activities, while Scully does not. They both investigate paranormal cases together which leads them to dig into alien conspiracies within the government as they put their lives at great risk. They both try to solve the mysteries together against all the odds.

#1 Friends

Friends is the ultimate King of all the 90s TV shows. Based on the life of six friends, it encapsulates humor, drama, romance, and all the human emotions in one series. Even after more than 25 years of its release, it still manages to pull the streaming audience under its wings. Friends is the benchmark of any show, and no other TV show in the past 25 years has done what this series has done in its 10 seasons.



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