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The Best Men’s Fashion Brands

The Best Mens Fashion Brands

Fashion has always been something that has been synonymous with women, whether that be designers, the female consumer or the belief that being fashion forward has a lack of masculinity. However, as we move into more modern eras, the fashion world is changing. From the relativity of gender specific brands to the emergence of unisex and gender-neutral fashion, fashion is no longer marketed as a feminine interest. Men are encouraged to be, and are enjoying being, up to date on fashion trends due to the number of brands that are tailored specifically towards men or that offer a wide variety of male clothing and accessories.  You can also check out sarouel homme to give yourself a trendy look.

Ralph Lauren

Established in 1967, Ralph Lauren is a brand that has always been a household name for its iconic polo shirts. One of the original brands that was marketed specifically towards men with the sale of men’s ties, Ralph Lauren continues to dominate the male fashion industry despite its emergence in women’s fashion shortly after it launched. Whilst Ralph Lauren was affiliated with the more sophisticated Brooks’ Brothers, the suit is rapidly becoming outdated with the rise of casual trends and comfortable clothing that can be suitable for any occasion, which is one of Lauren’s specialties. With collections that keep the classic logo and vibes, but venture into the 21st century and run with the trends, you’ll be sure to give off an air of class and trendiness when you purchase Ralph Lauren menswear products.

Tommy Hilfiger

Whilst it originally launched in the 60s, Tommy Hilfiger is an underdog in the men’s fashion industry that didn’t gain popularity until the late 90s and took their rise in popularity in their stride. One of the reasons that Tommy Hilfiger has become so popular recently is because of the quality of their products as the strictness that the brand applies when creating goods means that bad quality products are instantly rejected, meaning that you’ll be sure to receive only the highest quality. So, whilst the prices can be slightly extravagant ranging from $40 – $50 for a men’s t shirt, you can rest assured that you are receiving the quality that you have paid for and reassurance that the product will last a long time. From sweaters to jackets and even sneakers and hats, whether you prefer casual, classy or just trendy clothing, there is something for everyone at Tommy Hilfiger.


Whilst Givenchy is arguably most famous for his womenswear collections (most notably Audrey Hepburn’s iconic black dress), perfume and jewelry, the brand is also a prominent figure in men’s fashion. With products ranging from watches and men’s jewelry to fragrances and traditional clothing, Givenchy is a much more unisex brand than others that isn’t afraid to put a masculine spin on stereotypically female items such as perfume. An aspect of the company that has become increasingly popular over the years is the rise of Givenchy sneakers for both men and women. With stunning visuals that remain on trend, and a quality that you can’t doubt, Givenchy sneakers are the new ‘it’ product that can be used for sport or even combined to make casual high fashion looks. Make sure that you check out Givenchy at SSENSE to find the perfect fashion forward sneaker for you.


Over the years the Levi company has solidified itself and received the prestigious name of the king of denim. If you’re looking to spend your money on comfort and durability, as well as fashion, then this brand is the right place for you to spend your hard earned cash. Whilst they are most famous for their denim jackets and jeans, Levi has branched out over the years and now sells branded T shirts and other accessories with the Levi name that are of the same quality, comfort and durability as their famous denim jeans. As well as the incredible quality of their denim, this brand offers a huge variety in style, color and fit when it comes to their jeans which means that you will be sure to find something that fits your personal style. If you’re a bit more confident in your fashion and appearance, grab the big guns and rock a double denim look with some of the most comfortable and best quality denim from Levi.

It can be easy to think that fashion is marketed more towards a female audience and that men shouldn’t put as much thought into their appearance, but that simply isn’t true! With the brands that we’ve just discussed, you’ll be sure to find many fashion brands that specialize in men’s clothing, offer amazing quality and styles in all different areas of fashion, such as clothing, accessories and even fragrances. Conquer your fashion fears with these four trustworthy menswear specialists and you’re guaranteed to feel more fashion forward.

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