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The Skills You Need to Secure a Job as a PA

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Becoming a personal assistant is not an easy job. There’s a wide variety of skills and personal qualities you need to have if you’re going to excel at the job. If you’re looking for personal assistant jobs but don’t know where to start then you’re in the right place. In this article that Attic Recruitment helped put together, we’re going to be discussing the skills that you need to showcase if you want to land your dream job as a PA.

Time management skills

As a personal assistant, it’s incredibly important that you have excellent time management skills. You will be asked to do a lot of administrative work such as organising, planning, and arranging various things for your employer. As a PA, your employer will rely on you for these tasks, so it’s important that you show up on time and deliver work in a timely manner. Like many jobs, being on time and having good time management skills is essential.

Interpersonal and communication skills

Secondly, having adequate interpersonal skills is crucial when working as a PA. As a personal assistant, you will often need to communicate with a wide range of people in order to coordinate meetings, take phone calls, and represent your employer during some meetings. With these sorts of tasks, it’s important that you know how to interact well with people to ensure there is no miscommunication.

Good written communication

Another essential skill to possess as an aspiring PA is knowing how to write well. As a PA, you will often be writing and sending emails, writing out schedules, managing diaries, and writing reports. It’s because of these tasks that employers are looking for someone with excellent written communication as well as verbal.

Attention to detail

What will make you stand out as a PA is noticing the details and staying one step ahead. Ensuring you pay attention to details is a vital skill to have as a PA as you will be in charge of organising, panning, and scheduling events. Ensuring nothing is missed off the list or noticing a potential problem will really make you stand out as a PA. It’s a great skill to have and if you can demonstrate a circumstance in which you showed your attention to detail then this may impress employers.

Knowing when to take initiative

As a PA there won’t always be clarity in what you do. Sometimes changes will have to be made on the spot, and it’s up to you to use your initiative to solve these problems. Knowing when to use your initiative is an important skill within the work field, it’ll be greatly appreciated by employers.

By demonstrating that you have these skills is beneficial to you during the interview process. If you do go on to secure a job then showcasing these skills at work may lead you to promotions and help you further your career. We wish you the best of luck in securing a PA job and hope this article was helpful.

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