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The Top Science Fiction TV Shows of All Time

Television series have become a part of the daily lives for all of us. They bring entertainment and critical thinking about relevant topics as well. Sci-fi genre programs are one of the most sought-after genres because it caters to different age groups; whether young or old.  From the many different sci-fi series that have been made, here are the top Science Fiction TV shows of all time.

1. Batwoman

Another DC character soars high as one of the top science fiction TV shows of all time. The heroine Katherine “Kate” Kane is a well-off citizen who gets motivated by the iconic hero, Batman, and chose to put her riches and assets towards a battle against wrongdoing as a covered vigilante in Gotham City, her home town. Being Bruce Wayne’s cousin, she continued to pursue his advocacies. The fame of this TV series is derived from the more established name of Batman; therefore, it was easier for the audience to get hold of the characters in the first place.

2. Farscape 

Farscape highlights a different troupe of characters who were primarily trying to flee from authorities who embodies corruption in the form of an aggressive organization called the Peacekeepers. A boat called Moya heroes, an enormous bio-mechanical, which is a living element, becomes the hideout of the. This science-fiction TV series produced several recognitions such as Best Actor and Best Actress for the Saturn Awards.

3. Cowboy Bebop

Its futuristic setting shows the Earth as mostly become uninhabited by humans; Cowboy Bebop followed abundance trackers as they found hoodlums on the rough planets and moons where humankind has made its home. It gathered wide amazement among critics with regards to how the story was attacked.  

4. Supergirl 

The epic Superman is the basis of the heroine of this sci-fi TV show, Supergirl. Otto Binder and Al Plastino created the female version of the iconic Superman in the character of Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). She is the cousin of the male hero and is also a Kryptonian. Apparently, some characters from where the story is adapted, are present like Lex Lother. Since its premiere, it gathered multitudes of positive praise among the audiences. After a crisis including the decimation of the multiverse, Kara the Supergirl alters her new life on the recently made universe called the “Earth-Prime”.

5. The Expanse

This sci-fi TV show is set some two hundred years in the future of which a young lady, Julie Mao (Florence Faivre), made the detective, Josephus Miller (Thomas Jane), to have a mission to search for her. Then, James Holden (Steven Strait), the principal official of an ice vessel, witnessed an unprovoked assault, that claims as an action initiated by Mars (MCRN Federation). As updates on the assault spread all through the system, the occurrence stream on takes steps to destabilize effectively questionable relations between Earth, Mars, and The Belt. Far away from the battles in deep space, on Earth, Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), a dominant United Nations official and negotiator, attempts to destabilize war among Earth and Mars using any means. Before long, these three individuals discovered the missing lass and the ice tanker’s destiny are a piece of a huge secretive conspiracy that compromises all humanity.

6. The Flash

Sci-fi superheroes are always a hit when aired on screens. The Flash is one of the masterpieces of DC comics who can move like a superhuman. Its TV series shows Barry Allen, depicted by on-screen character Grant Gustin, a crime scene agent who acquired superhuman speed, which he uses to battle lawbreakers, including other people who have likewise increased such paralleled capacities. Its pilot episode gained a vast rating, ranking it as one of the most remarkable premieres that gathered numerous positive feedbacks among audiences.

7. Lost

This TV show is a combination of science fiction and supernatural elements. It started with a commercial airline that took off in Sydney, Australia, and is bound to Los Angeles; but crashed on a strange island around the South Pacific Ocean. Several Television series critics rank it as one of the best Sci-fi TV shows of all time. It was nominated in the countless award-giving bodies and won different recognitions such as the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 2005. 

8. Agent Carter

Marvel Comic characters never cease to amaze its audience. Agent Carter, for example, is valid evidence of its fantastic storyline that will drag viewers to follow every episode of the series. It is a story of a sophisticated woman in America who has to balance her existence as a secret agent as well as a normal woman in society.  Peggy Carter has to endure the dangerous job she is involved in as well as enjoying the regular necessities of life such as a home, friends, and a love affair. It was nominated in several awarding ceremonies, such as the Saturn Awards. 

9. Quantum Leap

Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist who jumps through space time during a time travel experiment, by briefly replacing other people to right mistakes in the past. He has a best friend in the person of Admiral Al Calavicci, a womanizer, cigar-smoker who is a hologram. Aside from being a science fiction TV show, Quantum Leap showcases drama, romance, comedy, and social commentary themes. It garnered various awards such as the Golden Globe Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards.

10. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a Science Fiction TV Show composed of varied series that mainly depicts how technology plays a vital part in the current advancement of the society. Each independent scene showcases a sharp, sensational story investigating subjects of contemporary techno-distrustfulness. Without a doubt, innovation has changed almost all parts of our lives. For example, means of communication, the innovations surrounding every corner of one’s house, transportation, and the like. Written by Charlie Brooker, it one of the highly-rated TV series of all time.

11. Star Trek: The Original Series

This iconic TV program is one of the top Science Fiction TV programs of all time. Regardless of its age, its fame constantly recurs over time. Milky Way became the location of the series and set in the 2260s. Captain James T. Kirk anchored his team through a ship along with other officers. As such, Star Trek is the pioneering TV series in the Science Fiction genre. With this, it sets a standard among others that follow such them, making it the queen of all Science Fiction TV shows of all times. Every Star Trek film or series becomes highly acclaimed as they have established their timeless trademark among the audiences.

12. Firefly 

Set in the year 2517, after the arrival of the people in another star framework and follows the undertakings of the unusual team of Serenity, a “Firefly-class” spaceship, this sci-fi TV show is composed of 9 characters who are facing the uncertainties of the space while discovering nine different things. Due to its popularity, Firefly even produced a fandom who gave their full support for the show. In 2005, New Scientist magazine hailed it as number 1 among the “The World’s Best Space Sci-fi Ever.”

13. Star Trek: The Next Generation 

Spanned in the late 80’s to the early ’90s, this Star Trek TV show is set in the 24th century, when Earth is a part of the United Federation of Planets, it follows the undertakings of a Starfleet starship, the USS Enterprise-D, in its investigation of the Milky Way cosmic system. Its tremendous fame allowed it to claim 12 million audiences for 5th season and its finale counted 30 million total viewers.

14. The Walking Dead

One of the top Science Fiction TV Shows of all times, The Walking Dead is an adaptation of a comic series crafted by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The story tells about a huge number of mobs known as survivors of the phenomenon called “zombie apocalypse.” These individuals are striving to survive from the persistent dangers of “walkers” or zombies. What makes it more interesting among the viewers is the division of people into sub-groups that generated their own rules and laws. Added to that, these communities are in constant conflict with each other.

15. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 

It’s the sole series that isn’t based around the adventures of a starship, rather occurring for the most part on the old Cardassian space station. There wasn’t even a chief of the station in the first episodes of its first season. The core focus of the storyline is on a deep sense of the federation and its governing citizens.

16. The Prisoner

The Prisoner

It tells a tale of a secret agent who found himself on an extremely unusual island where his abductors brought him only to investigate the core reasons for his sudden resignation from his job. It premiered in 1966 and, since then, this British science fictionallegorical television series. It not only highlights the Sci-fi aspect but, it also touches the multicultural dimensions of the human race. Its expanding popularity resulted in the production of several merchandises such as comic book series, books, and videotapes.

17. ‘The X-Files’ 

Two FBI specialists, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work in an unassigned detail of the agency called the X-Files exploring cases managing and unexplained paranormal wonders. Mulder, a genuine adherent, and Scully, a cynic, see their cases from points of view of science and the paranormal. For over 9 years, the program notably received a huge popularity and multitudes of positive feedbacks among viewers. Regardless if some casts left in the height of its on-screen fame, other characters have managed to maintain the expectations of this sci-fi TV show.

18. Battlestar Galactica

Being ranked as one of the all-time Science Fiction Television programs, Battlestar Galactica involves military attributes. Battlestar Galactica set in a faraway star system, where a human civilization on planets is called Twelve Colonies. These communities have fought hard with an android called Cyclons in the past. The sudden devastation of the human race left few survivors of which those who were aboard Battlestar Galactica has all the earmarks of being the main military capital boat that endures the assault. Thus the quest began into their vast search for the so-called planet earth.

19. ‘The Twilight Zone’ 

“The Twilight Zone” is based from the Rod Serling’s anthology television series with episodes varying genres of science-fiction, fantasy, suspense, horror and psychological thriller. Its unforeseen twist in the plot of the story underlies a moral. Its popularity became widespread among many Americans on the said circa. Ranked as one of the 60 Greatest Shows of All Time according to TV Guide, “The Twilight Zone” proved its spot as one of the timeless sci-fi TV shows ever.

20. Doctor Who

When we say a Science Fiction TV show of all times, “Doctor Who” should not miss the list. One of the longest-running BBC series, this sci-fi TV show, has received multitudes of recognition among different award-giving bodies. For decades, the story evolves in a charming alien, also called the doctors. The Doctor investigates the universe in a time-traveling space transport called the TARDIS. Its outside shows up as a blue British police box, which was a typical sight in Britain in 1963 Joined by various friends, the Doctor battles an assortment of enemies while attempting to spare civilizations and help individuals out of luck.

Science Fiction TV shows have become a big part of household viewing across the globe. Their contribution to mass media is mainly to entertain and to instill valuable life lessons for the viewers of all ages. Check out these series if you haven’t already.  If you have there is nothing like binge watching a favorite series again. 


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