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Things To Know Before You Apply for Travel Insurance

Things To Know Before You Apply for Travel Insurance

Sure, it’s best to get ahead of things like your travel insurance, but you can get started too early, so make sure you know the following information before you start shopping around. 

Know Where You’re Going 

The first information you have to have is the country of travel. This is because the area is often the highest risk factor involved in the insurance costs, so knowing if your destination is high risk is important for insurers. 

Know Your Travel Times

Before you get a quote, you should know the travel dates and how long you’ll be away. This number can’t change after you get your insurance, so you probably want to apply for insurance after you’ve booked plane tickets. 

Think About the Activities

Insurers use the activities you undertake on your trip to determine costs, this includes snowboarding, bungee jumping, hiking trips, and more. So if you want to compare insurance costs, you’ve got to know what your intentions are. If you’re simply going to enjoy good food, some museums, and local day trips to nearby destinations, it will cost less than if you plan on doing adventure activities. 

Know Unchangeable Factors

There are certain things you just can’t change when it comes to your travel insurance and two of these include your age and your health. These are factors used to determine your level of risk when travelling. Although you may feel like fibbing will be helpful, if something goes wrong, you don’t want your insurance to get voided due to not disclosing information to your insurer.

How Many Valuables Will You Take?

Expensive items increase insurance costs, so before you take your shiny brand-new laptop to your luxury items along with you, consider if it’s worth the risk. If it’s inevitable or you’d like to travel in style, know the aggregate worth of all your valuables before applying. 

Shop Around To Find The Right Choices

When it’s time to actually start shopping around, you’ll want to make a list of the 6 best travel insurance options, and then narrow the list down from there. This can be very time-consuming, so when it’s time to compare, look to Sing Saver, Singapore’s premium choice for saving money on insurance. 

If you want the best prices across the board, click here and explore Sing Saver’s tools. 

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