Tips on Throwing a BBQ Party

Do you want to throw a party but can’t decide what kind? Why don’t you try organizing a barbecue party? Barbecue parties can be held anywhere and every age will absolutely love it. You can plan an awesome indoor or outdoor summer barbecue party. If it’s your first time to host one, don’t worry, because we listed some important things you can consider which will help and guide you in planning your most memorable summer party ever.

List of Guests

First of all, decide whether you want a big festive barbecue party or a small intimate one. Make a list of the names of people you want to invite. If it is a big party, sending invitations through e-mails or Evites works best. Small ones, on the other hand, are more manageable, and you can invite people by sending them text messages.

Be sure to communicate to your guests and see who really are coming. Some may not respond to your invitation or some guests may say that they will come but then fail to show up. To be sure, put some extra effort by making a follow-up on your invitation. You may do it twice, 2-3 days before the day and/or a few hours before the actual party.

Choose a Theme

There are plenty of choices when it comes to barbecue parties to choose from, but be sure to take your guests in consideration. If your guests are all adults, any theme may work. But if you have invited families with children, make sure to adjust your theme accordingly.

After you decide, carry this theme from decorating the venue to the foods and drinks you will serve. You can make your own cocktails or juices for kids. Name and design your drinks according to your theme. You can also have some personalized t-shirts or special hats based on your theme.

Choose a Location

Barbecue parties are great since you can do it anywhere. Location options includes park, beach, or campground. You can also have a barbecue party in the comfort of your own home. It can be in your terrace, backyard, pool area, lawn, or in your garden. Your own home is the best location because you can just go inside if it starts raining. When it rains, just grill outside and let everyone eat inside. Make sure that your location is also based on your theme.

Choose the Date and Time

Weekends including Friday usually works for everyone so that will be the best dates to make an arrangement. Best times are either during lunch hours about 12-4pm or late afternoon to evening about 5-9pm. Plan to have a four-hour window time frame so your guest will not stress out about timing. Having large block of time keeps things to feel more casual. It also allows your guests to do what they need to do if they have other activities and still, they will be able to attend your barbecue party.

Food to Serve

For barbecue parties, it is best to stick to classics like hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken skewers with veggies. Just about everyone loves a grilled hamburger or hotdog.  In serving food, always think of your guests. Are there any kids, or vegetarians? If your guests include lots of children, you can focus more on grilling hotdogs. If you have bunch of vegetarian guests, you can focus more on veggie burgers. If your guests are meat lovers, ditch the chicken and serve hamburgers and steaks. Plan for 2-3 grilled food options and 2-3 food items per guests.

Appetizers, side dishes, and desserts are great to serve too. For appetizers, you can have a big bowl of nacho or tortilla chips with dips for kids. Kids will also love a large bowl of guacamole. For adults, a huge tray of pre-made veggie with dips are great.

For side dishes, grilled corn wrapped in foil with cob holders or a refrigerated potato salad are best options. For desserts, you can serve a few plates of cookies and cupcakes. Watermelons are best option for desserts to your vegetarian friends.

Drinks to Serve

Classics like tea, beer, wine, sparkling water and soda are the great go-to options for barbecue parties. But the same with food, always think of your guests. If you have large group of kids as guests, ditch the beer or soda and serve juices or lemonade instead. If you are expecting small children, then you might just want to add juice or lemonade to your list.

Other Factors

Plates and Utensils

For small intimate parties, you might just let your own plates and utensils to be used. For large festive parties, there are “party packs” that can be bought in stores. It usually comes with a complete package that includes small substantial plate, forks, knives, spoons and even tablecloths.


Don’t forget the music. Music plays a large role in parties. It sets the mood and helps the party to be much fun.

Things to Remember

  • Plan ahead and communicate well with your guests. Don’t hesitate to make a follow-up on your invitation so you can plan if you need to prepare less or more food and drinks.
  • Synchronize everything according to your theme. It is best that your guests are aware with it. Maybe your guest will come in dressed along with your theme.
  • Always take consideration your guests. Ask them if they have food allergy so you can prevent to serve food that may trigger their allergies.

Hosting barbecue parties are fun, whether it is a large festive party or just a small intimate one. It will allow you to make new memories with your family or friends. Throwing a barbecue party is not a lavish activity. In fact, it can be a great time to reconnect with your old friends or establish a stronger bond with your families.

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