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Tips to Rank Up Faster in CS: GO

Tips to Rank Up Faster in CS: GO

One of the most important components of CSGO is its ranking system and it the best motivation for most players so they practice more to reach the number 1 rank. There are a lot of difficulties each player faces when they try to reach a higher rank after showing their skills in a ranked match against players of the same rank.

The rank system improved enjoyment of CSGO for beginners and they don’t need to worry about playing a match against some high-rank players. The competitive arena is unavailable for new players and they need to reach a certain rank to unlock this game mode.

Ranking system

There are 18 different ranks in the game and you will need to win matches to get rank points and upgrade to the next rank. The profile rank shows the gaming skills of a player and it is the first thing you should focus on when you start playing CSGO. Ranked matches will become more difficult as you upgrade your rank and there are certain rewards of reaching each rank.

XP is the experience points that a player gets after winning a match and the XP earning system is so difficult that it is almost impossible to add XP to their accounts using some hacks. Working hard and practicing is your only approach to earn XP for the next rank.

How to earn XP?

XP you get after each match depends on your number of kills, the rank of other players, the total number of wins, and the total number of losses in your CSGO ranked carrier. Your rank will go up and down so give your best performance in all matches to continue your journey towards The Global Elite rank. Play as many ranked matches as you can daily to get more XP and choose the correct type of ranked match to get some extra ranked points.

Tips to rank up

Try to play ranked matches in Casual game mode as it a beginner-friendly game mode allowing you to level up faster. As compared to other ranked match modes, this mode only rewards you with 250 XP but they are more than what you can expect based on your skill level.

Use bonus weapons in Deathmatch mode to double up your XP score at the end of each match. The game rewards you with XP as soon you kill an enemy but play safely to avoid getting killed by your enemies. Deathmatch mode is the fastest way to get XP in CS: GO as there are only 16 players in your team and the opposite team as well.

Use Advanced Weapons with Skins

Practice important positions such as strafe and strafe jumping as much as you can to get a shooting advantage over your enemies. Use a weapon with a good variation of spray to receive the extra recoil compensation. Play a custom match before going in a ranked match as losing these matches doesn’t affect your overall rank. If you don’t have professional tools and weapons, then buy CS:GO skins from game marketplaces.

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