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Trying To Impress Friends Coolest Nightclubs In Greece

Trying To Impress Friends Coolest Nightclubs In Greece

The climate’s cooking up on the Greek Islands. Excitingly, this means warmer nights, the perfect atmosphere for you and your nocturnal friends to go out and play! With the weather on your side (check), it’s decision-making time. For the where to go’s and why’s, a mini guide of four areas, and four night clubs have been selected especially for you.

So whether your friend Sofia, the sea lover needs an edgy spot to quench her thirst for cocktails and her love of coastal views, the Penarrubia Lounge in Athens has this covered. Or Perhaps your soon to be married buddy, needs a place to accommodate his affection for a diverse range of music, the Liquid Nightclub in Rhodes hosts house and R’n’B music over two floors to keep him entertained.

Whether you’re the leader of your group or the reluctant organiser, fear not, there’s a space and place here to suit all. So find solace, my friend, here are the places to impress your guests while away in Greece.

Athens – Penarrubia Lounge

Whether you’re staying in Athens or not, it’s worth taking a trip to explore some of the nightlife the capital has to offer. If you’re hoping to explore a coastal bar, with magnificent sunset views while sipping exotic cocktails, the Penarrubia Lounge located in the Alimos area of Athens, dressed in modern rustic decor and threaded with Greek-inspired hues is the place for you. Once you’re finished soaking up the sunset in the outside lounge area, as night falls you can retreat inside for some all night dancing. This spot created and recently renovated by Vlassis Stathokostopoulos is also a practical option with free parking for the designated driver, and offers an affordable spread on the drinks menu too.

Zante – Rescue Club

Zante, a favourite amongst holiday dwellers, is spoilt with a long list of nightlife to explore, which is why it’s proved challenging to fathom which spots are worthy of yours and your friend’s attention. For an alternative vibe to the Penarrubia Lounge, perhaps it’s night-life teaming with non-stop energy that you seek. The Rescue Club, a super club in the Laganas area, is a backdrop for up to 2000 bodies, buzzing with energy, to dance, sing and meet new people.

Quoted as the ‘biggest and best,’ unparalleled night club in Zante, is this a place you can afford to pass up in Greece?

If this side of the Rescue club hasn’t aroused your interest, perhaps the selection of VIP areas for booking may be for you. This is perfect if you prefer the luxury of having a private space for your squad to drink and be merry away from the hustle and bustle.

Corfu – Edem Club

If you’re considering staying or have already booked a place to stay in Corfu, Edem Club is where you will be going for at least one of your evenings this spring/summer. As the bar transitions from day time relaxation and dining by the beach, to evening cocktails, and late-night dancing, you could quite easily spend the whole day and night time here. Voted as one of Greece’s top ten beach bars, impress your friends with views of the ocean as you perch on the benches nestled on the pebbles. Expect a lively atmosphere, infused with house music and don’t forget to look up the Full Moon Party events, this is a staple night at Edem.

Rhodes – Liquid Nightclub

Talk to anyone in Rhodes about where the best places to go are, and it’s guaranteed Liquid Nightclub shall arise in conversation. If an exciting atmosphere heaving with bodies, dancing, drinking, and shots is yours (and your friends) thing, the Liquid Nightclub located in Faliraki is for you. For a place that guarantees your excitement and all tastes are met, there are two floors, essentially two clubs, in one. So if you’re not feeling R’n’B and Hip Hop, you can always head on downstairs and turn up the tempo with some house and electro.

During the selection of each club, beach bar and lounge area above, there is something to suit all tastes, giving you the confidence to ferry your friends around Greece to the areas that shall impress and be the perfect platforms to make memories.

Planning where to go out anywhere in the world can be daunting and confusing, especially when you know little to nothing about the area you’ll be visiting. Which is why on this occasion we’ve taken a segment of the world, Greece, and made the agonising search for great nightlife a little simpler for you.

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