What Are Witch Stairs?

witch stairs

Have you ever heard of witch stairs?  These stairs have been mentioned and alluded to in literature and by scare mongers and stairs design to keep witches away and or locked up.  The belief being a witch is unable to use them. However, they actually have a useful purpose and are also called  alternate step staircases or alternate tread stair cases.  Some utilize them as space savers, others opt for it because of their innovative and quirky look. No matter what the reason may be, having witch stairs at home can be a good idea because who wouldn’t want a trending staircase which saves a lot of space as well?

Witch Stairs – What The Hype is All About?

The mythical tales of witches and other paranormal creatures do mention witch stairs. It is believed that they are designed to ensure no witch can climb them and move up. Its not clear where this legend started and a little research shows that there isn’t much to it.  But the name does make one take notice. Their recent fame found its way from a Tik-Tok video where an artist found it accidentally. Fans quickly referenced literature, where they had read about the existence of such stairs. 

The staircase design is meant to add a refreshing look to the overall living place, and make the heads of the visitors turn for a second look every time they spot these unique stairs. 

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How are alternate traded stairs or “witch stairs” different from a regular staircase?

What sets these witch stairs apart from the regular ones is essentially their structure. Essentially there is an alternating stair for each step.  Instead of every step being the full length of the space, its only large enough for one foot.   This also reduces the number of stairs that are a part of this staircase in total.  The amount of material the builder will have to put into it would be a lot less than the one used in the formation of a normal staircase. The distance between the treads increases, while the area used in the making of these stairs decreases.

Why are these stairs great for houses with less space?

One of the major reasons why this particular kind of staircase could be desirable despite its dubious supernatural background is that; it saves a lot of space. With fewer steps houses with smaller room size can more easily fit in a stair case. This amount of space they take up is is much smaller than a traditional stair case and they are stylish in appearance. 

Why witch stairs attractive?

If you are also one of those people who tends to look for innovative items for living space; this kind of ascent and descent is what you need. Anyone visiting your home will do a double take for sure and probably want to try them out.  Not only do you have a smart user of your space you have a conversation piece as well.  Although these stairs don’t need any specific decoration because they look unique and attractive as it is. Still when it comes to styling alternate tread stairs;  your choices are unlimited. You can either opt for a rustic look to give your living place a distinctive look, or you can add a contemporary charm to it. 


The witch staircase or alternate tread staircase it is an innovative idea for those who always experimenting with their home decor ideas or for places with a small lay-out, this idea is worth the investment because it connects the lower floor with the attic without wasting any spot.  If you are worried about the cost, compared to the regular stairs, these alternate staircase designs can be quite affordable and use less material. Hence, if you are short on the budget and are looking for something unique, these stairs are worth a consideration. 

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