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What is online mixing and mastering?

You are an inspired woodshedder and have just finished recording your track. The general idea of the track seems nice to you, but unless a minimum mixing and mastering works have been done, there might be a risk of disappointing a listener. The instruments may fail with no energy to create a powerful rhythm, the sound may not be on the same line, and in general the track does not convey the mood that the author was trying to fill it with. This is a classic problem for all newbies. Online mixing and mastering make your record sound completed, harmonious and professional. It is a basic and essential process a song cannot dispense with.

For many musicians it can become a problem. Besides, it’s worth mentioning that a good mixing job can only be done by an expert. Artists used to have their mixes edited in studios which was and is quite costly. Nowadays,  you neither need to be an expert in music editing nor do it in a studio. With the help of our online service of music mixing and mastering you will raise your recording to the professional level via your laptop. The services cooperate with sound engineers all over the world. They are experts in various music styles and follow world sound trends

What is online mixing?

Mixing is the first stage of technical refinement of the track, a work on each element of your mix separately and bring them together, getting a whole, harmonious composition.

Now music mixing can be performed online via different online services that do not require your presence in the recording studio. You need to download your files into the chosen service, noticing your suggestions and references.

This is where the magic starts. A sound engineer gets your demo, listens, and starts editing. Experienced hearing and the availability of the necessary studio equipment for monitoring and processing sound will allow him to perform such a process as mixing a track with high quality. If you want to learn this process, various online mixing and mastering courses can help you reach another level of production within a short time frame.

Online Mixing Process

Online Mixing Process

During this stage a careful selection of the most successful fragments of the recording is carried out; each audio track is edited and combined with others, creating a single composition; all noise, clicks and other third-party sounds are removed from audio tracks; volume balance, equalizers and panorama are adjusted; processing of sound effects (delay, reverberation, etc.) is carried out. It’s a quite complicated process so certain sound engineering skills are a must.

For having your track mixed and mastered by an online service usually you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Prepare your files.
  2. Simply export your multitrack session from your DAW.
  3. Fill all the fields.
  4. Write down your full name, e-mail. Make sure that you have left a note with your suggestions and references. Choose the quantity of songs and stems.
  5. Upload your files.
  6. Proceed to checkout.
  7. Choose the payment method which is more convenient for you.
  8. Get your track mixed and mastered.

Why hire a professional mix engineer?

As it was said before, a track without a minimum mixing and mastering work may sound quite bad. It immediately becomes clear that in order to achieve such readability and depth of mixes, the same powerful rhythm and so on, that is so catchy in commercial music, it’s better to get your track mixed by someone who has a special skill and knows this craft inside out.

The sound of music through stereophonic equipment, artificially created by a sound engineer who understands well the aesthetics and specifics of this genre, makes a stronger impression than natural sound. Therefore, the main creative task of a sound engineer is to “hear” the score before recording in the effective sound that can be created (with good musicians) during mixing.

If you listen to the latest records of pop music, then, like nowhere else in other genres, you can literally feel the musical fabric, texture, you can hear every group of instruments. This became possible thanks to the use of multichannel recording technology.

The task of a professional mix engineer is, using all available acoustic and electronic means, to create a complete musical image of the work. And the goal is more like a synthesis of the final product than an adequate transmission of a flawless performing interpretation.

So, advances in modern technology put very powerful tools in the hands of the sound engineer. As the possibilities grow, the responsibility for each particular technique, for any processing that stands in the way of the sound, also increases. In addition, the role of a mix engineer in a song succes is rather big. That’s why it is much better to rely on true professionals.

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