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What kind of watch do flight attendants wear?

Flight attendant spends most of their time traveling in the sky. Sometimes it can feel like they detach from everyday life. They give their full effort to the passengers maintaining the rules consistently. Airlines require their employees to wear a watch. They make it compulsory for both pilots and attendants to wear the watch as part of their work.

As they permit the use of minimal fashion equipment, what kind of watches do flight attendants wear? Well, their watch should be simple and plain with clear time divisions. The cabin crew also noticed using two watches because they face different time zones and much more concepts. So let’s get deep into it.

Why do flight attendants have to wear a watch?

A lot of factors play an essential role in the use of a watch for flight attendants.

For an Emergency Situation: When a flight gets into an accidental situation, first it goes to the cockpit, and to the machine, then it goes to the cabin and the flight attendants. So if there is an emergency, it might take some actions within 15 seconds or less. In an emergency, it might be impossible to check the time on your mobile phone. Some activities may take a short time at a glance of watching time on the watch. Moreover, if any aircraft is going to encounter, the oxygen mask has minimal time. In this critical time, a quality work person is most important to take a step within a short time.

For an Elegant look: Most of the girls have an attraction to wearing jewellery. 75% of flight attendants are female, and they are restricted from wearing rings or necklaces and other jewellery items when they are at work. So according to the air company requirement, a simple good looking watch can give an elegant, stylish look to the attendants. Both male and female attendants are allowed to wear it during their flight time.

For better customer service:  The passengers are not allowed to turn on their phone. As a flight attendant, you should wear a watch to consult them because you know better about the duration of flying time and when the flight will arrive at its destination.

When it is about to sit in one place for a long time, it feels boring. If you can keep your time with them, you can relieve them from emotions full of anxiety.

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Watch Requirements of Flight Attendants

Flight attendants should follow these criteria when choosing a watch when they work. They feel more comfortable as well as stylish if they make a perfect one.

Durable and Quality: Design may vary from person to person, but you must choose the best quality product with durability. There will be no doubt when you choose a high-quality product, and it will ensure its durability. Try to choose robust with quality.

Dual time zone function: Select the two different time zones, or the aviation company uses UTC. While Landing in another country with a big-time difference, a dual time zone watch can be super helpful for the attendants.

Easy changing time: Different watches have different functions to change time. It is not a good decision to choose a watch that has difficulty adjusting time.  In flight, you should take an easy changing watch to make your mind calm.

Night Visible: The cabin has a shallow light for red-eye flights, and you can’t see anything. In this situation, a led light watch that has night visibility can be very helpful for the crew.

Water-resistant and economical: Sometimes, when you wash hands or in the rain, it is common for your watch to get in touch with water. Take affordable, robust, quality products according to your price and think about expensive watches.

Comfortable:  Always choose a watch that is easy to wear and easy to remove. Do not choose a fancy look with which you do not feel comfortable.

What kind of watch do flight attendants wear?

All the watches do not maintain standard requirements. Here some of the information that most of the airlines follow is shared.

  • The watch can be analog or digital and could be a smartwatch.
  • Its dial must have this selected color: black, white, brown, metallic, or grey.
  • It must have a clear division of time. When it is time for an emergency landing, it may adjust your time with the other crew. So it is vital to get a clear look at your time.
  • The watch should not be fancy, too big, or colorful. Try to use a traditional business-type watch.
  • The watch color may differ from airline to airline. But all the airlines maintain silver, black, gold or brown straps.
  • Most airlines go for simple watches with a small face and variation in diameter, but they should have an excellent appearance.

Best Watches For Flight Attendants

If you would like to select a gift for your flight attendant friend, daughter, girlfriend or wife, a watch can be the best gift ever. Some watches dial looks like a world map design, and you can take this type. You can also take a hybrid type average looking watch. When it is working on the flight, it might not be possible to use your phone frequently. So smartwatch can be good for managing the schedule for the attendants. Or, if she likes a simple bracelet type, you can choose some analog classier, simple, stylish watch. Another way is to give them a dual-time visible watch.

Should A Candidate Wear a Watch To A Flight Attendant Interview?

The purpose of an interview before hiring someone for the job is to know about the candidate better and figure out if the person is suitable for the position or not. Similarly, when hiring flight attendants, the professionalism and clean appearance of the applicants are given much importance, and wearing a watch to an interview certainly gives an elegant and polished look. This is the reason, a watch is a part of the dress code in several industries. 

Besides, since a wristwatch is a requirement for flight attendants, wearing one during the interview will definitely help you earn extra points.

Why Do Some Cabin Crew Members Wear Two Watches At A Time?

You might have seen some crew members wearing two watches on the flight. There are so many reasons behind it. 

Firstly, in case of some emergency situations during the flight, the attendant will be able to report back the exact time of the incident after landing. It is a requirement for the investigation of the incidents. Hence, it is essential for the crew member to tell the exact time so the second watch is to ensure accuracy.  

Moreover, some attendants also carry two watches because it helps them deal with jet lag after a long flight. Traveling between different time zones is not easy, but wearing watches displaying the time of both, the country to land and the country left, can save them from the trauma. 

Also, crew members wear two watches to track the time of the flights and inform the authorities in case of any delays. The watch displaying the time of country to land enable them to calculate the exact timings of landing.

Just imagine if your watch breaks down or gets missing during the flight. You won’t be able to manage your time as a crew member. In this situation, the other watch can be a savior.

Fun Facts about the Watches Flight Attendants Wear

It is interesting why flight attendants wear watches and the specific kinds they use. Here are some more fun facts about the watches flight attendants wear:

  1. Flight attendants typically wear watches that can display GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). GMT allows them to keep track of time while they are traversing in various time zones. This is especially important in meeting the schedules of their passengers.
  2. Flight attendants are not only trained for customer service. Among the important skills they possess is the capability to time activities and events like flight duration, meal service, and boarding times. By utilizing the features on their wristbands, they are able to complete all of their various tasks.
  3. Some of the most popular wristbands flight attendant use are Omega, Breitling, and Tag Heuer. These brands are more typically used by the cabin crew for their durability and accuracy features. 
  4. Some airlines have very specific requirements for the watch their cabin crew wear. For instance, the kind of watch, size, and color are sometimes specified by airline companies to ensure proper branding and uniformity. As an example, the Emirates Airlines mandates that female flight attendants wear white watches while mandating black watches for male flight attendants. 
  5. To complete the airline uniforms, some airlines provide their flight attendants with watches that may most commonly carry the airline’s logo or branding.
  6. The most common materials that make up the watch bands that flight attendants typically wear are leather or metal because they are cozy and robust enough to be worn frequently.
  7. Smartwatches are also worn by flight attendants. These watches have amazing functions and features that allow them to monitor notifications, alerts, and other purposes like GPS tracking and fitness monitoring.
  8. In case of emergencies, flight attendants also wear watches for safety functions such as during emergency depressurization drills. Wherever they are on the plane, flight attendants will put on the nearest oxygen mask and wait for the time specified in their airline’s procedure. This usually takes 60 to 90 seconds. After the allotted time has passed, they will proceed to the flight deck to check on the pilots to make sure they are awake and properly wearing their oxygen masks.
  9. In addition to the safety functions of wearing watch, flight attendant’s primary duty is to help keep passengers safe, and to perform first aid roles. Usually, timing is important in first aid like in administering medication, using defibrillators, and even delivering babies! This is also where their watch will get handy.
  10. Aviation, like any other safety-critical industry, has a number of mandatory timings and procedures to follow. This is the reason why many airlines require flight attendants to wear watches due to mandatory timings such as the time it takes to prepare the cabin for landing and the minimum amount of time flight attendants must announce emergency landings such as “Brace, Brace.”

Final Words

Whether you’re looking for the best type of watch for you or your friend who works on a flight, you may know what kind of watch flight attendants wear. Try to maintain the requirements of the airlines, and it will be effortless now for you to make a perfect one.

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