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What makes Skiathos a hidden treasure in Greece?

What makes Skiathos a hidden treasure in Greece

Known for being ancient and picturesque, Skiathos is a small island in Greece with blue waters, beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscapes that visitors can enjoy. Skiathos is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for somewhere to relax. Besides relaxing on the beach while sipping on cocktails, this destination offers many outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, sailing and biking. This island is a very popular ferry destination, and if you are interested in visiting this wonderful place you may want to buy a ferry ticket online. You can do that via a website such as letsferry.com. This is the perfect location that offers a mixture of adventure and relaxation. If you are interested in visiting the beautiful Skiathos in Greece, here are some reasons why this destination is a hidden treasure in Greece.

Long, relaxing walks

One of the things that stands out about Skiathos is the beautiful scenery. In fact, this destination is known for its lush and green scenery. You will find trails all around the island that let you explore pine forests and hilltops that have breathtaking views. You can walk to remote and ancient monasteries and hidden beaches. You can also enjoy clear trails in the Mandraki area. Lastly, you can walk at Xerxes beach where you can take a dip in the ocean and enjoy one of the quietest and more beautiful beaches in Skiathos. If you love walks and beautiful hikes, this is the perfect location for you.

The world’s most beautiful pebble beach

Skiathos is home to Lalaria beach which is considered the most beautiful pebble beach in the world. Lalaria is a beautiful white pebble beach that has an ancient arch made out of rock that has sea caves close by. The white pebbles are marble and when reflected underwater, makes the water look beautiful and clear. You can only access this beach by water so this means that you will have to take a boat trip when you visit Skiathos. When visiting Lalaria, don’t forget your mask and snorkel so you can have a great experience underwater.

The best food in the Sporades

You will find the best restaurants in the Sporades chain of islands. Skiathos is the most developed island in the Sporades and they offer the best dining experience out of all the islands. You will find many traditional taverns as well as fine restaurants that serve updated traditional Greek food. One place that you need to visit is The Windmill that serves modern dishes from a 19th century windmill that has been restored above Skiathos Town. They also have the best views in the Sporades.

The history

The name Skiathos was given to this location by its first inhabitants. During the Nazi occupation, Skiathos was severely damaged by bombs and on the 14th of September 1943, the Nazis sank a Greek submarine off the coast of Skiathos. Every year, this sad event is commemorated at the Katsonia Island Festival. After the war, the economic and social aspects of Skiathos started to develop rapidly. The history of this magnificent place is important because it demonstrates how the Island was able to be rebuilt after it was destroyed and eventually become a popular tourist attraction.

There are many great things to do in Skiathos. If you want to enjoy a beautiful beach then you should definitely visit Lalaria beach with its white pebbles and beautiful stone arch or Agia Eleni beach that has beautiful clear waters. You can also visit the beautiful Monastero di Panagia Evangelistria that has beautiful views of the hills as well as gorgeous gardens. If you are a lover of art, you can visit The Blue House Art Gallery. If you want to soak up some history, you definitely need to visit Skiathitiko Spiti which is a historical museum on the island. There is something for everyone on this beautiful island.

Skiathos is a hidden treasure in Greece and we have explored the many reasons that prove this. From the many hiking and walking trails for those who enjoy a bit of adventure, to the world’s most beautiful pebble beach that offers beautiful crystal clear waters. You can find the best food on this Island and there is a rich history that you can explore at their museums. Whether you are a single, couple or family, this is definitely an ideal vacation spot for you to enjoy in lovely Greece.

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