What were your favorite moments in Star Wars?


Star Wars is a franchise that has brought with it various movies for us to enjoy. However, with the release of new movies, competition has also arisen. A competition about the movies and the direction they are taking. A war has emerged, where even actors are taking sides based on the direction of the series. 

These aspects do not take away the entertainment attached to the movies though. Everyone who has watched the movies can admit that there are both moments of delight and dread. What are the Star Wars movies, if not a mix of emotions? 

The finest moments have been picked by us so we can share them with you.

1. The Rescuing of Luke by Darth Vader

A scene that is taken from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. This revolves around Luke finding out that his powerful enemy has been right beside him. Considering the manipulation carried out by the emperor, it is no surprise that Luke snaps out of his rage. 

That is while fighting his father who is none other than Darth Vader. He chooses to shut down his lightsaber and decides to choose mercy over cruelty. Lord Vader proceeds to rescue Luke from the blasts of the emperor by tossing him down the Death Star reactor shaft. This makes it a scene that brings about catharsis and comeuppance for the audience.

2. The Yub-Nub Song

Another scene from the same movie but one that is focused upon the original Ewok song of celebration. This original song ends the first trilogy which is why it makes this song the only one that matters. It is with the “yub-nubs” that you can truly enjoy Jedi. 

It is what makes Star Wars what it is today. This is why it better to avoid the replacement of corny pan-flute New Age-isms that came in the re-released trilogy.

3. “I love you” and its response

A scene that comes from Episode V: The Empire strikes back in this trilogy. The scene revolves around Leia who finally summons up the courage to confess her feelings. Her heartfelt “I love you” is met by the never-fading swagger of Han solo as he says “I know”. This response makes it a scene that is not only sweet but also smug. 

Bringing with it the realistic aspect of two troubled people interacting. Even though it sounds less romantic than the stuff of melodrama, the effect is quite the opposite. After all, in the next film, it is Leia who is able to say Solo’s line back to him.

4. The iconic “I am your father”

Emerging from the same episode as the “I love you” moment, this scene has been nothing but mind-blowing. It has left its audience in shock considering the major plot twist of Darth Vader never betraying Luke’s father. Instead, he was his father. This famous plot point has been amongst the best of the whole series. 

It is difficult to find an individual who is unfamiliar with it. This proves the effect it has left behind. The revelation of truth followed by the reaction of pure anguish is nothing short of a masterpiece.

5. The Death Star Attack Run

The climatic sequence from Episode IV: A New Hope is easily considered the greatest moment of the saga. Even though it can be very loosely termed as a moment considered that it is an entire series of them. Aspects that are not only entertaining but also memorable in their ways. 

Listing them all down at once will not do justice to the excellency of it. After all, there is so much to it. The entire sequence has been made in the manner of perfection. Its construction is what makes it feel like links in a chain which cannot be treated as stand-alone moments.

Along with these five moments that are considered our favorite, there are various others. Moments that are bound to catch your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat. 

These moments range from the earliest movies to the latest release. What are the Star Wars movies you’d rank amongst your favorite?

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