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Why Fish Oil For Dogs And Cats Is Important

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Fish oil is a combination of fatty acids that are bonded together with carbon and hydrogen atoms. It is an important dietary supplement for both cats and dogs, as well as humans. For these two animals, the benefits of fish oil are far-reaching.

And with supplements gaining popularity, pet owners are wondering whether their cats and dogs would also benefit from a good dose of fish oil. Available for purchase in liquid or capsule, fish oil is best used when added to meals.

The omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish oil play a crucial role in giving cats and dogs what they need where their health is concerned.

Here are the reasons why fish oil for cats and dogs is important:

Prevents allergies

If you notice dry or flaky skin on your pet then the explanation for this is simple; they lack fish oil in their bodies. This supplement reduces the production of potent stimulants (cytokines) that are responsible for inflammation in the body.  

This is also the best way to decrease the occurrence of “hot spots” on your pet. With the right amount of fish oil, your dog and cat will never encounter any problems with their skin. If it does occur, look into hypoallergenic cat food

Keeps their hearts protected

Just like human beings rely on their healthy hearts to live, cats and dogs also do the same. Their hearts keep them going.

Fish oil for dogs and cats plays an important role in keeping these animals protected. You no longer have to worry about blood clots or irregular heartbeats.

Slows down the progression of kidney disease

The most traumatic thing for our pets is going through prolonged diseases. When you hear that your cat or dog is suffering from a disease then it may as well shatter our hearts to pieces. And we would give anything to slow down the disease, wouldn’t we? 

Well, if your pet is suffering from kidney disease, fish oil slows down the progression of the disease as it reduces the production of the inflammatory substances that are produced by the kidneys.

Keeps joint disease at bay

Apart from sowing the progression of kidney disease, fish oil also prevents joint disease in dogs and cats. As it contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), which are two types of omega-3 acids, it alleviates joint pain when needed.

 Of course, you will have to combine fish oil with medication from your veterinarian but it is important to note that fish oil plays a crucial role in reducing pain.

Improves cognitive function

Dogs and cats that consume large quantities of fish oil have increased cognitive function and decreased pattern-pacing behavior. They are quick to learn in comparison to those who receive a lower supply of fish oil. 

For instance, a dog using DHA supplements can recognize its family members better in comparison to one that does not consume the supplement.

Lowers triglyceride levels in the blood  

Pets that consume fish oil have lower triglyceride levels in their blood. There are cats and dogs that develop a high level of triglycerides after long-term steroid treatment. This may lead to fatty growths on the stomach or fat deposits on the eyes.

However, fish oil is able to lower these triglyceride levels and acts as a preventive measure from these conditions.

Reduces shedding

Have you ever walked around your house and picked up a ball of cat hair? If so, then your cat was shedding. And this may create a mess all over your clean rug and fluffy couches. 

But when your cat and dog consume fish oil in healthy doses, the shedding will be a rare occurrence. This is because fish oil promotes a healthy coat and reduces shedding.

How Much Fish Oil Is Enough?

As all pets are different, fish oil does not present a “one size fits all” solution. As such, it is always best to consult your veterinarian on the preferred quantity for your dog or cat. This way, you will be sure that your pert is receiving the correct dosage at all times. 

It’s best to opt for pet food with omega acid as this brings you one step closer to good overall health for your pet. Do not supplement fish oil for the medical evaluation of your pet.

 It is always advisable to take your dog or cat for a checkup while still going the extra mile to ensure that they remain healthy.

Needless to say, Fish Oil for dogs and cats is important.

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