3 Strategies That Will Help Propel Your Medical Practice towards a Great Reputation


In the digital world, everyone wants a five-star experience. Whether it’s shopping groceries or booking flights, we want a service provider to offer nothing but top-shelf services. That begs the question, is it possible for medical practices to attain a five-star reputation? On the one hand, yes, it’s possible, but the problem is upholding it.

While maintaining a crisp-five star reputation is an unachievable feat, there are strategies to attain and uphold an excellent reputation both online and offline. Try using patient engagement software to enhance the patient experience. Other approaches are:

Enhance Patient Engagement

The digital patient places a very high priority on engagement. 42% of Americans say they would be more inclined to follow their prescriptions if they received encouragement from their physician before their next visit. Unfortunately, 55% of healthcare providers don’t often communicate with their patients in-between visits. Another 50% believe their job ends once the patient steps out of their office.

Reaching out to your patients between visits, responding promptly whenever they reach out, and providing various channels for them to access you will help enhance the patient experience. This will help you attain a higher level of patient engagement and consequently, improve your reputation. Moreover, it will enable you to accomplish your medical practice’s goals. An easy way to achieve the aforementioned is by incorporating patient engagement software into your operations. For more on these products, visit this site: experityhealth.com/patient-engagement/.

Create an Engaging Work Environment

You’re the fuel of your practice, but employees are the grease that keeps it running smoothly. Simply put, if your employees are always stressed or over-worked, then they can create a negative experience that will have your patients running for the hills. You might have the best patient engagement software, but if they’re not trained to use it, then you still won’t achieve your goal of delivering out-of-this-world services and enhancing your reputation.

One of the stepping stones to attaining and maintaining an excellent reputation is to create a positive work environment for your staff. Invest in training whenever you incorporate new technology and recognize and reward their efforts equally. A happy employee equals a satisfied patient, and consequently, successful practice and a spotless reputation both online and offline.

Upgrade Your Technology

Investing in the best engagement software is a step in the right direction, but it is not enough. Your staff must use minimal time on administrative tasks and channel more time towards customer satisfaction management systems. This is one of the main ways to ensure you’re meeting and exceeding the expectations of your patients, and in return, improve your reputation.

With that being said, if most of your staff’s time at work is spent on day to day administrative tasks, it’s time to analyze and upgrade your existing technology. For instance, if currently most of your patient’s records are done on paper, then you need to invest in quality EHR software. It will not only save time but also will reduce the risk of human errors associated with keeping paper records. It’ll also reduce the risk of patient record loss associated with reliance on a paper system.

Attaining and upholding a five-star reputation is unachievable because let’s face it, we all have our bad days. This means it’s not possible to do away with bad reviews completely. Also, note the perception of perfect services differs from one patient to another. You can get a five-star reputation by enhancing the patient experience through the best patient engagement software such as Kareo and following the strategies listed above.

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