Discover These Amazing, Strange, and Unusual Blue Animals

Morpho Butterfly is blue.

Planet Earth has always been full of mysteries, and every day, we come to know more of them. The new discoveries do not seem to end at any point. One such discovery has been of the different types of blue animals of the world. As much as this seems shocking, it is … Read more

An Insight into the Clusterwink Snail

a snail on a cherry

Nature boasts a multitude of weird and outright strange creatures. You cannot be blamed for thinking that some of them are not even from earth. One of the most interesting phenomena found in nature is bound to be the ability of some creatures to produce light and glow. From jellyfish to fireflies, … Read more

Learn About the Amazing Sheep Sea Slug

Front view of sea slug

Even with all the research and explorations over the centuries, the fact is that most of our planet remains unexplored. This is not due to the lack of willingness or curiosity, but the sheer vastness of these untraversed depths. Since most of Earth is underwater, this means that the depths of the … Read more

The Amazing, Strange, and Unusual Harpy Eagle

the powerful harpy eagle

The Earth is home to thousands of bird species living in different regions and various weather conditions, but no other bird found around the world is as powerful and ferocious as the Harpy Eagle, a strange and fascinating animal that is rarely seen but is silently dominating its habitat in the wild. … Read more

Surprising Shape-Shifting Organisms

Shape Shifting Puffer Fish

The animal world is a beautiful, fascinating, and mysterious one. There are several parts of the world that we still have to explore, which means that many species are as yet undiscovered. As science progresses, it also uncovers a lot about animals that we didn’t know before. Shape-shifters, for instance, aren’t very … Read more

Strange And Unusual Reptiles

A male Gharial resting on land with its jaw open

Reptiles are some of the most fascinating creatures on this planet. Usually scaly, long, and with slits for pupils, reptiles generally look quite menacing, and that only increases their awe factor. Though many people only seem interested in the reptiles of the past – the huge and intimidating dinosaurs – that does … Read more

Strange Creatures from the Ocean’s Depths

A head of a goblin shark

The deep sea is full of mysteries, and this is why it has captured our imaginations for centuries. People get scared of aliens, ghosts and zombies, but sometimes, the most terrifying creatures you can see in this universe lie beneath the dark depths of the waves on our very own planet. Actually, … Read more

The World’s Most Dangerous Bird

This mysterious bird is thought to be more similar to ancient dinosaurs than any other bird species. The Southern Cassowary is large-bodied flightless birds that have fierce claws and casques, or a helmet-like accent on the top of its head, just like many dinosaurs are believed to have had. They also have … Read more