Discover These Amazing, Strange, and Unusual Blue Animals

Morpho Butterfly is blue.

Planet Earth has always been full of mysteries, and every day, we come to know more of them. The new discoveries do not seem to end at any point. One such discovery has been of the different types of blue animals of the world. As much as this seems shocking, it is … Read more

An Insight into the Clusterwink Snail

a snail on a cherry

Nature boasts a multitude of weird and outright strange creatures. You cannot be blamed for thinking that some of them are not even from earth. One of the most interesting phenomena found in nature is bound to be the ability of some creatures to produce light and glow. From jellyfish to fireflies, … Read more

Learn About the Amazing Sheep Sea Slug

Front view of sea slug

Even with all the research and explorations over the centuries, the fact is that most of our planet remains unexplored. This is not due to the lack of willingness or curiosity, but the sheer vastness of these untraversed depths. Since most of Earth is underwater, this means that the depths of the … Read more

The Amazing, Strange, and Unusual Harpy Eagle

the powerful harpy eagle

The Earth is home to thousands of bird species living in different regions and various weather conditions, but no other bird found around the world is as powerful and ferocious as the Harpy Eagle, a strange and fascinating animal that is rarely seen but is silently dominating its habitat in the wild. … Read more

Surprising Shape-Shifting Organisms

Shape Shifting Puffer Fish

The animal world is a beautiful, fascinating, and mysterious one. There are several parts of the world that we still have to explore, which means that many species are as yet undiscovered. As science progresses, it also uncovers a lot about animals that we didn’t know before. Shape-shifters, for instance, aren’t very … Read more

Strange And Unusual Reptiles

A male Gharial resting on land with its jaw open

Reptiles are some of the most fascinating creatures on this planet. Usually scaly, long, and with slits for pupils, reptiles generally look quite menacing, and that only increases their awe factor. Though many people only seem interested in the reptiles of the past – the huge and intimidating dinosaurs – that does … Read more

Strange Creatures from the Ocean’s Depths

A head of a goblin shark

The deep sea is full of mysteries, and this is why it has captured our imaginations for centuries. People get scared of aliens, ghosts and zombies, but sometimes, the most terrifying creatures you can see in this universe lie beneath the dark depths of the waves on our very own planet. Actually, … Read more

The World’s Most Dangerous Bird

Southern Cassowary 7071

This mysterious bird is thought to be more similar to ancient dinosaurs than any other bird species. The Southern Cassowary is large-bodied flightless birds that have fierce claws and casques, or a helmet-like accent on the top of its head, just like many dinosaurs are believed to have had. They also have … Read more

Strange and Unusual Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club recognizes over 190 dog breeds and some of them are found in such small numbers which makes them rare and unique that’s why they might look unfamiliarly weird to us. But even if they look uncommon, these dog breeds are the perfect companion. From being your running buddy, … Read more

The Strangest and Most Unusual Spiders on Planet Earth

There are a lot of people who are creeped out by spiders. In fact, about thirty percent of the people in America are afraid of them. Who wouldn’t right? With those multiple big eyes and eight long legs. But those are not enough to describe most spiders because Scientists frequently discover new … Read more

Strange and Unusual Facts and Myths About the Animal Kingdom

Strange and Unusual Facts and Myths About the Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is full of one remarkable fact after another. Do cats really have nine lives? Does licking a toad’s back can really get you high? And do vampire bats have the ability to donate blood? Keep on reading because we are here to debunk some strange and unusual facts and … Read more

Strange and Unusual Cat Breeds

Scottish Fold

When it comes to cats, what most of us think of is a fairly generic-looking animal. But in fact, every cat is unique with its own looks and personality. Most of us may be familiar with common cat breeds such as Persian and Domestic cats. But did you know that there are … Read more

Strange and Unusual Insects

Hickory Horned Devil

There are many kinds of insects that you can find here on Earth. In fact, there are around nine hundred thousand species of insects known and likely millions more to discover. Insects have the capabilities of being the creepiest creatures on our planet. Though there are some insects that we’re already familiar … Read more

Learn About Frogfish – A Truly Bizarre Creature

Frogfish – A Truly Bizarre Creature

Frogfish belong to the anglerfish family Antennariidae. They are mostly found in tropical and subtropical oceans and seas all over the world, except in the Mediterranean Sea. They are small, short, and stocky, and some of them are covered with spinules and other attachments which they use to camouflage. Frogfish range from … Read more

Why Do Some Birds Fly South for the Winter and Some Do Not?

In Northern parts of the United States, birds that are usually seen alone or in small groups during summer will begin to flock together and prepare for their annual migration going south before the leaves start to fall. Waterfowls will gather together and will form a V pattern in the sky as … Read more

What is the Great Wildebeest Migration?

The Great Wildebeest Migration is the huge annual movement of vast numbers of wildebeests together with zebras and gazelles to search for food and water between Tanzania and Kenya. The wildebeests travel from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya from July to October. It is … Read more

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Mosquito bites are one of the annoying things we experience. That is why we really need to know the best ways of preventing mosquito bites. Other than the little prick we feel when mosquitos bite, it also leaves a red bump on our skin which eventually becomes itchy. When you get bitten … Read more

Why Do Cats Purr?

Cats are amazing creatures because their characteristics and behaviors are multifunctional, which helps them increase the odds of survival. Scratching for them is marking territories, communicating conflicted feelings, and maintaining their nail health. Their whiskers can feel wind direction and can help them navigate as well. They also purr to show contentment. … Read more

This Jellyfish Species Lives Forever!

The concept of immortality is truly fascinating. In fact, there are lots of myths about having eternal life. But did you know that being immortal is possible? Yes, it is! For a jellyfish. A German biologist named Christian Sommer discovered something about a species of jellyfish called Turritopsis. It’s that it has … Read more

How Much Danger is There Really in a Shark Attack?

Exploring the underwater, like when scuba diving, is a great experience, but what if you encounter a shark during the activity? Sharks are one of the most-feared underwater marine creatures. There’s even a film series about them titled “Jaws”. The film’s story revolves around the capturing of a shark that killed a … Read more

Incredible Real-Life Hybrid Animals

Cross-breeding different kinds of dogs is very popular. But have you ever thought of crossing a tiger and a lion? That’s quite difficult to imagine, right? But it’s possible. Well, other than that, there are more unusual real-life hybrid animals. They are not normally seen in the wild because the young produced … Read more

10 Biggest Freshwater Fish in the World

The size of fish varies depending on different aspects such as location, climate, food supply, environment, and presence of fishermen. The ocean is known as the habitat of the biggest species of fish while their counterparts which live in freshwater are normally much smaller than them. But did you know that not … Read more

Amazing Rain Forest Creatures

A rain forest is a tall, dense jungle. It is called a “rain forest” because of the high amount of rainfall it gets in a year. The climate in a rain forest is hot and humid that’s why the animals and plants that live here should be adaptive. Just like any other … Read more