Fascinating Pink Sand Beaches around the World

pink sand beach polynesia

White sand beaches are the most common. There are also beaches with gray, brown, and black sands. But pink sand beaches? Yes, they’re a thing. Only a few beaches have gorgeous pastel-hued sands that make the waters even bluer.  But where and how did these pink sand beaches get their color? Tiny, … Read more

Alternatives for the Pizza Crust

raw pizza base from shredded cauliflower

Nothing beats the classic pizza dough, which consists of flour, water, yeast, salt, and olive oil. But if you want to cut back on carbs, stay away from anything with gluten, or just want to try something a bit new and unusual, you may be excited to try the following alternatives for … Read more

History of Shake Shack

shake shack brooklyn

Shake Shack may be one of the younger players in the hamburger business, yet it is already another excellent example of a classic American success story. It started as a humble food stand that would be later known all over the world as a gourmet fast-casual restaurant. Shake Shack now operates in … Read more

Painting Everlasting & Decor Interior Design

Painting Everlasting & Decor Interior Design

One simple and affordable approach to update a space is with paint. If you pick the proper hue, it may enlarge a room and even improve your mood. Some artists get inspired when they see a clean look. Their mind begins to fill up with a tonne of original ideas right away, … Read more

Strange Methods From History To Tell Your Future

Fortune Telling

Even though fortune telling is an old or ancient practice, it is still quite popular today in the modern age of technology, where almost anything is possible. One of the reasons why fortune telling is popular even in today’s era is because people are still eager to find out what the future … Read more

Best Locations to Visit in India During Monsoon Season


A lot of tourists visit India during the summer or dry season, as they believe that the warm weather is more suitable for various locations in the country. But there are also places in India that look better during the monsoon season. In addition to looking better, the locations would also have … Read more

The Oldest Existing Libraries in the World

admont abbey library

Like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, every book lover dreams of stepping into a gigantic library to wander, explore, and lose themselves in browsing and reading books. Now, it’s no longer a fantasy because there are many libraries out there that have stood for centuries. They have retained much of their … Read more