The Ultimate Guide to Pizza

people getting slices of pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular snacks in the United States and as well as other parts of the world. It is a dish that is usually made of flattened bread dough spread with a mixture of tomatoes and cheese and often with other toppings before it is baked in the … Read more

Guide to Classic Cartoons

Guide to Classic Cartoons

When it comes to entertainment, television shows and movies are among the top choices for many people, and that includes cartoons, too. Cartoons are very popular among kids but are also enjoyed by some adults. The term cartoon originally refers to an illustration, which is sometimes animated, usually in a non-realistic or … Read more

Top Television Stars of the 60s


The 1950s was the era of outstanding films, while the 1960s are marked as the years of the most famous TV shows in which some of the greatest names of Hollywood worked and started their careers. These stars from the 60s didn’t only work in television series but also in movies of … Read more

Learn About the Very Wild and Interesting Psychedelic Era

low poly

The psychedelic era is considered to be one of the most colorful periods in human history, as the clothing trend and artworks that were created or produced in that era were full of colors that surprisingly blended well together. In addition to the colorful clothing and art, the psychedelic era was also … Read more

The Art of Food Foraging

With various food sources available – from local farmers markets to small groceries to big supermarket chains – it’s apparent that gathering food in the wild is a practice forgotten by most people. Thus, this practice of searching, gathering, and preparing wild food – known as food foraging – is now seen … Read more

What are Dirty Thunderstorms and When Do They Appear?

showing volcanic lightning above Mount Rinjani eruption.

A dirty thunderstorm is a rare and awe-inspiring phenomenon caused by powerful volcanic eruptions. Bolts of lightning shoot out of an erupting volcano in a dirty thunderstorm, making it one of nature’s most terrifying yet breathtaking spectacle to witness. More than two hundred cases of volcanic lightning have been documented over the … Read more

Incredible Animals That Emit Light

animals that emit light

The term “bioluminescence” refers to a living organism’s ability to produce and emit light. It is one of the most fascinating and intriguing phenomena in nature. The tendency of animals to emit light is not completely limited to creatures swimming in the dim and dark depths of the ocean. However, the vast … Read more

Top Political Events of the 80s

President Reagan waving, moments before he was shot

The 1980s were a decadent, catastrophic, and groundbreaking decade, not just in the United States, but in many parts of the world as well. The decade hosted a remarkable range of environmental, political, and pop-cultural events. It was the decade of Ronald Reagan in America who had a conservative agenda that shaped … Read more

Most Famous Female Pop Artists of the ‘70s

Barbra Streisand

Several musical genres became popular in the 1970s, that is why it is worth considering that the most notable female singers during the ‘70s performed in different kinds of styles. Daniel T Anderson, a writer at essay writing help, emphasizes that they eventually became popular based And they eventually became popular based on the … Read more

The History of the Basketball – The Actual Ball

There wasn’t actually a basketball for the basketball game – a soccer ball was used because basketball didn’t exist back then. Players threw the soccer ball into a peach basket in order to score a point. The basketball game’s inventor wanted a sport that the students can play indoors even during the … Read more

Top Female Pop Stars of the 80s

In the 1980s, music lovers witnessed a shift in the music industry with the unveiling of some of the greatest of all time singers, songwriters and musicians. The magic in music was mainly a contribution by women pop stars that very confidently filled music with bold fashion, heart-touching lyrics and fusion of … Read more

Major Fashion Trends and Styles of the 1800s

Morning dresses

After the French Revolution of the late 1700s, no one wanted to appear to be a member of the French aristocracy. The women of Paris became the first to abandon the ornate, overbearing and constricting fashions of the 1700s. They chose to wear long flowing muslin dresses that imitate the classical designs … Read more

History of Domino’s Pizza

History of Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is by far the second largest franchised pizza chain in the United States. They are the ones who first invented the concept of fast pizza with the “thirty minutes or less” delivery time. They have stores in 5,701 cities worldwide and 2,900 of them are international while the 2,800 branches … Read more

Top Cartoons of the 50s

Mighty Mouse

The classic cartoon series in the 1950s were entertaining and ahead of their time. Even if some people think that cartoons are only for kids, the stories and plots of these cartoon series and their characters attracted audiences from all ages. The colorful visuals and crazy antics caught children’s attention, the cartoon’s … Read more

Top 20 80s Arcade Games

Top 20 80s Arcade Games

Today, games are now accessible on many devices and platform. Whether you have a phone, a console or a personal computer.  Today people also use custom controllers,  Fightsticks or even customized personal gaming computers. You can even talk with your friends while you play the game all thanks to technology and the … Read more

Famous Paintings and the Stories Behind Them

Mona Lisa Famous Paintings

From time to time, the words that tell the story about a painting can be more captivating than the actual portrait itself. Below you can find an overview of some famous paintings, their creators, and the story or meaning behind them. 1. The Starry Night This painting of Van Gogh consists of … Read more

The History of Running Shoes

The History of Running Shoes

The first running shoe is a relatively new invention – it dates back about 200 years. However, it’s much older than you could probably imagine. The first sneakers were made of leather, which unfortunately had the tendency to stretch when wet, and wore out very quickly. Also, the first runners were not … Read more

Biggest Disney Flops

Biggest Disney Flops

Not everything Disney does is magical. Check out this surprising list of flops and failures by Disney. 1. Mars Needs Mom This is one off the biggest Disney flops and box office failures in history. Many critics atribute the movie’s failure on its strange animation and weak plot. 2. Tomorrowland There were … Read more

The Music of the 1980s

The Music of the 1980s

Because all of the major turmoils from the 1960s and the 1970s — the counterculture movement, the Vietnam war, the Watergate scandal and the domestic economic crisis — many Americans were left frustrated. Their confidence towards their fellow citizens and the government were severely undermined. By the end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency, … Read more

The Top 10 European Beers

The Top 10 European Beers

Europe can be considered the birthplace of the modern beer, and so it’s not a surprise that a lot of the world’s best beers are found here on this continent. This list is not complete without the popular Guinness; still, get to know why the other lesser-known European beer brands are also … Read more