Strange and Unusual Happenings

Learn about These Crazy Nuclear Close Calls

The term “nuclear close call” refers to an incident that could lead to (or could have led to) an unintended,…

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Inventors Who Were Killed by Their Inventions

Being an inventor has some risks. Sometimes, not all inventions lead to glory. While some ended up in failure, others…

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Memento Mori – The Macabre Art of Death Photography

Death is an inevitable part of life. Famous people or not, no one is spared from it. Yet even in…

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Unusual Holidays in the US

We tend to think of holidays as limited as those time-honored traditions where we feast, as well as those days…

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Strange and Unusual Cults

Some of us might hear about cults such as The Manson Family, Scientology, and Moonies, but what we don’t know…

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Strangest and Most Unusual Conspiracy Theories of All Time

Some of the craziest conspiracy to ever exist have been thought up and brought up from the dark corners of…

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Strange and Unusual Ancient Cults

Ancient mystery religions and secret cults who worshipped little-known gods outside of more mainstream and official temples and practices. Their…

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What Was the Dancing Plague of 1518?

Throughout the history of the human race, there are a lot of inexplicable episodes of mass compulsion and obsession. Phenomenon…

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What Was the Tanganyika Laughing Epidemic?

The great writer Charles Dickens once said that “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter” and…

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What Was the South Sea Bubble?

Most people will take risks to earn money quickly and easily. So, when a seemingly too good to be true…

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What Was the Mississippi Bubble?

Just like Britain’s economic bubble, the South Sea Bubble, France also had their own which was the Mississippi Bubble that…

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The Strange and Unusual History of Tulip Mania

Tulips are one of the favorite flowers of many people. Women like them because they are beautiful, colorful and allergy…

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Some of the Strangest and Most Unusual Beliefs and Quirks of Famous Historical Figures

From John Quincy Adams’ belief of the mole people to Ulysses S. Grant being a white supremacist. Historical people had…

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The Ultimate Guide to Strange and Unusual Ceremonies and Traditions Around the World

Every country and culture have their own traditions. These are the rituals, ceremonies, and festivals we follow depending on our…

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What’s the Difference Between Whiskey and Bourbon?

  When you visit your favorite liquor store, a lot of choices for alcoholic beverages will welcome you. They are…

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