Exploring the Musical Career of Emerson, Lake & Palmer

drum set

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, often abbreviated as ELP, emerged in the early 1970s as one of the most successful rock acts of their era, defining and dominating the progressive rock scene. Comprising keyboardist Keith Emerson, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Greg Lake, and drummer Carl Palmer, the trio became known for their virtuosic musicianship, complex compositions, … Read more

The 10 Best Guitarists of the 1970s

Fender Telecaster

The 1970s was a dynamic and transformative era for the guitar, as it birthed a new wave of iconic guitarists who left an indelible mark on the landscape of rock and roll. This decade was characterized by a fusion of genres, innovative guitar techniques, and the rise of virtuoso players who expanded … Read more

Barry Manilow Profile

Barry Manilow live at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN.

You may consider the 1970s as the treasure trove of sentimental romantic ballads, known for their slick and lush production and sweeping, heart-stopping choruses. Up to now, they have remained popular. Several radio stations around the world still play these 1970s love songs, even many years after they faded from the Billboard … Read more

Guide to Disco

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If there’s one outstanding trend that came out from the 1970s, it’s definitely disco. The term “disco” goes beyond the style of music that dominated all the dance floors during the decade. As the genre exploded to mainstream popularity, it launched an extravagant fashion trend and a momentary escapist fare from either … Read more

Top British Bands of the 70s

Pink Floyd performing on their early 1973 US tour, shortly before the release of The Dark Side of the Moon

The 1970s marked a pivotal moment for the UK’s music landscape, with bands at the forefront of a cultural revolution. Their music wasn’t just groundbreaking; the bands’ distinctive styles and flamboyant appearances significantly contributed to their allure. Despite critiques of their fashion choices, the chart-topping hits were undeniable, setting new records almost … Read more

Learn About the Very Wild and Interesting Psychedelic Era

low poly

The psychedelic era is considered to be one of the most colorful periods in human history, as the clothing trend and artworks that were created or produced in that era were full of colors that surprisingly blended well together. In addition to the colorful clothing and art, the psychedelic era was also … Read more

Artist Profile: Cher

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CherilynSarkisian, better known for her stage name Cher, is a singer, model, actress, and television actress that is most famous for her glamorous stage outfits and her unique and distinctive voice that is often described to be hard to replicate. Because of her six decades of success in the music industry, Cher … Read more

What Was the Psychedelic Era?

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The Psychedelic Era was a period in history wherein art, music, and the human lifestyle were affected or influenced by a psychedelic drug called LSD. What is LSD? And how was it able to become an integral part of the 1960s and the early 1970s. Let us take a look at some … Read more

History of Bill Withers

Bill Withers

In the annals of music history, there are artists whose legacies transcend their melodies, echoing through time with a resonance that is felt more than heard. Bill Withers, a luminary in the world of soul and R&B, is one such artist. Yet, the path that led him to become a beloved figure … Read more

Top Male Pop Artists of the 70s

Stevie Wonder

The 1970s was home to many of the most famous male pop artists who ever lived. Though rock and roll existed for decades, the 70s artists added a dramatic flair and the performance element, which is popular until today. It was a decade of musical innovation and experimentation, with pop music taking … Read more

Artist Profile: Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Formed in 1965 in London, Pink Floyd was a rock band that became popular from London’s underground music scene in the late ‘60s. Since then, the group became one of the most influential and commercially successful bans in the music industry. The band was initially composed of Roger Waters on bass, Nick … Read more

Artist Profile: Pete Townshend

Artist Profile: Pete Townshend

Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend or popularly known as Pete Townshend was an English singer, guitarist, co-founder and leader of the band the Who. During his career that spans over 50 years, he became one of the most important artists of the 20th century. Pete Townshend wrote several newspaper and magazine articles, books, … Read more