Strange, Unusual and Unexplained Artifacts

Historical helmets are a unique artifact. 

The world is full of mysteries that don’t just seem to end. Much of it can be seen in the form of different types of artifacts. Some of these are so unusual that a person may have infinite questions with no answers to them. These unexplained artifacts are truly astonishing which is … Read more

Learn about the Strange, Unusual, and Creepy Worms

A brown-red colored worm on wet soil.

Many people only talk about common earthworms when they think about worms. Earthworms are common organisms and exist classified into three types.  However, there are types of them and, some are creepy and strange. The types of worms, such as flatworms and segmented worms, are strange, unusual, and will undoubtedly frighten you … Read more

Learn About The Amazing, Strange, and Unusual Synchronous Fireflies

The synchronous fireflies.

Fireflies are truly one of the most fascinating creatures. Although they attack humans when aggressive, they are sometimes good too. There are multiple species of fireflies and one of the oddest ones are the Synchronous Fireflies. Due to their unique properties and particular ways of synchronizing, many people are surprised when they … Read more

Check Out These Strange and Unusual Churches

The inside view of Sedlec Ossuary. 

Buildings and other large showcases of infrastructure are truly an astonishing sight to see, particularly for people who love travel and tourism. However, some buildings are not famous for their architecture, rather they are known for their odd features and unique stories which have made them somewhat suspicious as well. Surprisingly, religious … Read more

Discover These Amazing, Strange, and Unusual Blue Animals

Morpho Butterfly is blue.

Planet Earth has always been full of mysteries, and every day, we come to know more of them. The new discoveries do not seem to end at any point. One such discovery has been of the different types of blue animals of the world. As much as this seems shocking, it is … Read more

What is the History of Baby Throwing in India?

A Priest holding an infant from a height 

India is famous for the strange and unusual ceremonies that are held in most of its cities. These weird traditions include Nag Panchami, marriage with animals like dogs, Bhai Dooj, Thaipoosam, and many more. However, the weird tradition that we are going to talk about is baby throwing or baby tossing in … Read more

What is the History of Famadihana Dancing with the Dead?

Famadihana reburial turning of the bones in Madagascar 

You would have seen tremendous ceremonies and festivals being celebrated in different cultures. People celebrate happiness, right? But you would be shocked to read about some very unusual and strange ceremonies that people celebrate even in the 21st century.  Ceremonies that are about events like marriage, birth, or beliefs are common to … Read more

What is the History behind Lip Stretching in Africa?

A Mursi woman wearing a lip plate

Talking about the strangest traditions and customs around the world can be very shocking. It would be best if you were open-minded to believe what you read as no two cultures or groups think alike. Some parts of the world might be more gender-specific and have their traditions aligned, while some have … Read more

What is Qasr al-Farid, and Why Was it Abandoned?

The Mada’in Salih

In the middle of the vast desert landscape of northeastern Saudi Arabia, you’ll find a rock standing tall, but once you look around, you’ll see a tomb carved on that very same rock. Also known as the “lonely castle,” Qasr Al-Farid is one of the well-known monuments of the Madain Saleh archeological … Read more

Learn the Interesting History of Teotihuacán

Ancient pyramid of Teotihuacan

Our world contains the strangest things and places that somehow leave people breathless with how well preserved and simply passing the test of time. Stonehenge, Pyramid of Giza, and Moai are some of the few places that piqued the majority’s interest, and for a good reason. Unraveling strange places like this always … Read more

Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths

Whitney singing in a concert

Sudden and untimely deaths are never easy to accept, especially when people with great reputations die much sooner in a tragic way. Over the years, there have been several shocking celebrity demises. We are writing this article in honor of the late celebrities who had the most unexpected deaths that the public … Read more

Unusual Emblems from Flags Around the World

The flag of Andorra

A flag is a (mostly) unique design that identifies a nation and sometimes showcases part of its history. However, there’s only so much you can show on a piece of cloth, which is why many flags have powerful emblems and symbols that have deep meaning for the people they represent. Any flag, … Read more

The Most Unusual Deaths

a woman standing in a cemetery

Death is the permanent end of life and a tragic event for the loved ones of the deceased. Every human has to die one day, but some breathtaking and bizarre deaths have been traced in history.  Some historical figures have lost their lives in a rather way. The following is a list … Read more

An Insight into the Clusterwink Snail

a snail on a cherry

Nature boasts a multitude of weird and outright strange creatures. You cannot be blamed for thinking that some of them are not even from earth. One of the most interesting phenomena found in nature is bound to be the ability of some creatures to produce light and glow. From jellyfish to fireflies, … Read more

Incredibly Unusual Deaths

Skull on top of on a pile of books

Death is inevitable. It is a part of life and is something no one can avoid. Many people die of natural causes, while others die unexpectedly due to accidents. But some had “grand exits,” and others, unfortunately, met their end in a weird and baffling way. Reading the following unusual deaths will … Read more

Places on Earth That Resemble Other Planets

Fairy Chimneys in Turkey during the winter

Considering the state of the world we live in, we cannot blame you if you wish to get away from it all and travel to outer space. Now that booking vacations to space is possible, we’re rueful to say that most of us mere mortals cannot board a spacecraft just yet. Of … Read more

The Quietest Places on Earth

Sun rising over a quiet pond

“Quiet is the new loud,” as one indie-folk album title proclaims. While peace and quiet aren’t as abundant as they were before, several signs tell you that they may be making a comeback. No matter how hyper they are, people do feel worn-out sometimes, looking for some faraway places to have a … Read more

Amazing Underwater Forest in Brazil

Black wooden canoe on body of clear water

No one and nothing can be greater than Mother Nature – she never ceases to amaze us. Even after she has wreaked havoc, she leaves us with a new, rare, and staggeringly beautiful phenomenon that we thought only exists in fairy tales and fantasy movies. Have you been to an underwater forest? … Read more

Top Strangest Plants in the World


There are around 298,000 plant species that we know of, and there must be thousands more that humans haven’t discovered yet. We all know about the common houseplants, fruit plants, and so on, but there are some very weird and strange species that we might not be aware of.  If you’re interested … Read more

Guide to the Absolutely Strangest Things on Earth

an eerie ambiance

Many people love learning about a good mystery. There are lots of stories out there about strange and unusual things. It’s because our planet is filled with places and things that are surreal, eerie, and sometimes downright bizarre. Even though many of these things have logical or scientific explanations, some still remain … Read more

What Are Witch Stairs?

witch stairs

Have you ever heard of witch stairs?  These stairs have been mentioned and alluded to in literature and by scare mongers and stairs design to keep witches away and or locked up.  The belief being a witch is unable to use them. However, they actually have a useful purpose and are also … Read more

What Is Ball Lightning?

Nature never ceases to amaze us. There is always something to rake up your curiosity. It is a wonder how so many natural phenomena are still unexplained even after centuries of scientific research. There is always something in nature that is wonderful to look at but so complex that it’s stupefying. Here, … Read more

The Weirdest Baby Names in History

Silhouette of mother and baby against a sunset

Naming a newborn baby is every parent’s business – unless otherwise wholly unacceptable to the law or the society. Most parents usually go for the familiar, classic baby names, while some would christen their babies with the most trending names right now. And parents who want to be a little more adventurous? … Read more

Fascinating Items Stored at the Library of Congress

interior of the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress serves the U.S. Congress and is recognized as the national library in the country. It has long been a bastion of history, knowledge, and information since it was established in 1800. It is home to more than 38 million books and other printed material.  In addition to books, … Read more

Weirdest Things That Fall from the Sky

cumulus clouds in the blue sky

Rain, snow, and hail are some of the usual things that we expect to fall from the sky. But meat, spiders, and frozen iguanas? And even gold bars!  Nope, we’re not straying away from the topic here! These are some strange items that fell from the sky. The metaphorical “Raining cats and … Read more

Curious Examples of Life Imitating Art

titanic against the moonlight

As Oscar Wilde says: “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” It’s true that there are often examples of people deriving inspiration from real-life situations to create their masterpieces. However, it’s incredible to consider just how often life truly imitates works of art, books and comic books, music, movies, and … Read more

The Most Heavily Guarded Places in the World

white house

Whether you’re making sure that the door is locked at home or hiring security guards to protect your business, security is important because it gives you peace of mind. However, some places require more than just sufficient security. Such areas may have a squadron of heavily armed security guards, impenetrable construction of … Read more

The amazing pictures of Kowloon Walled City – images through the ages

The amazing pictures of Kowloon Walled City – images through the ages

The Kowloon Walled City was located just outside Hong Kong, China during British rule. A former watchpost to protect the area against pirates, it was occupied by Japan during World War II and subsequently taken over by squatters after Japan’s surrender. Neither Britain nor China wanted responsibility for it, so it became … Read more