What Are the Most Unusual Buildings Down Under?

Sydney Opera House and Circular quay, ferry terminus, from the harbor bridge

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, wild outback, and friendly people. But there’s something else that makes this country special: its buildings. Some of the buildings in Australia are very different from what you see in other places. They have interesting shapes, colors, and designs that can surprise you. In this … Read more

Have You Seen These Unusual Buildings Across Europe?

the Crooked House in Poland

Europe is home to some really unusual buildings that stand out because they’re so different. These buildings are not just about being odd; they also show off the creativity and bold ideas of their designers. From buildings that look like they’ve come out of a storybook to ones that defy the laws … Read more

What Are the Most Unusual Buildings You Can Find in the United States?

the world's largest picnic basket, once the headquarters of the Longaberger Company

The United States is a canvas of architectural diversity, showcasing an array of structures that defy conventional design norms and stand out for their uniqueness. Among these, some buildings push the boundaries of traditional architecture, creating a sense of wonder and curiosity for those who behold them. These architectural marvels, ranging from … Read more

What Are the Strangest Buildings You Can Find in Asia?

buildings in Thailand

Asia is home to an incredible variety of buildings, ranging from ancient temples to modern skyscrapers. Among these, some structures stand out because of their unusual and innovative designs. These buildings not only showcase the creativity of their architects but also reflect the diverse cultures and traditions found across the continent. In … Read more

Amazing Architecture and Buildings in Illinois

Amazing Architecture and Buildings in Illinois

In the vast prairie lands of the Midwest, Illinois rises with an exceptional architectural identity, a labyrinth of design extending from Chicago’s famous skyline to the quaint structures of its smaller cities. This piece delves into a journey through the state’s rich and varied architectural landscape, illuminating the cultural tapestry woven into … Read more

The Oldest Existing Libraries in the World

admont abbey library

Like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, every book lover dreams of stepping into a gigantic library to wander, explore, and lose themselves in browsing and reading books. Now, it’s no longer a fantasy because there are many libraries out there that have stood for centuries. They have retained much of their … Read more

What Are Witch Stairs?

witch stairs

Have you ever heard of witch stairs?  These stairs have been mentioned and alluded to in literature and by scare mongers and stairs design to keep witches away and or locked up.  The belief being a witch is unable to use them. However, they actually have a useful purpose and are also … Read more

Why choose Handmade Rugs over Machine

Why Choose Handmade Rugs Over Machine

Sure, you could choose a machine-made rug if you’re fond of decorating your home with items as soulless as a vending machine snack. However, when you opt for a handmade rug, you’re not just purchasing a floor covering; you’re investing in a piece of art. Each thread woven by skilled artisans carries … Read more

Amazing Skyscrapers of the World

Shanghai World Financial Center

People are always fascinated to reach beyond the clouds. Since we don’t have wings to fly, people do have the brains and the skills to build towers and skyscrapers whose tips aspire to reach the sky. It’s an exciting feat for anyone to climb high and beautiful buildings in big cities. And … Read more

Strange and Unusual Buildings

Strange and Unusual Buildings

Do you sometimes wonder what are the weirdest buildings are? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we are here to present to you the world’s strange and unusual buildings. Because who says a building has to look boring and normal? 1. The Basket Building in Ohio This building is owned … Read more

The World’s Most Amazing Bridges

Vasco da Gama Bridge

Bridges are an important symbol in any culture.  They represent over coming and cross the gap.  Bridges have pushed mankind in the areas of engineering and design. We have bridges all over the world that cross mountain ranges, rivers, and ocean to connect one city or county to another. Some bridges are … Read more