Strange Places and Things

What is the megalith of Al-Naslaa?

A megalith is usually defined as a huge stone that has been carved and shaped to be constructed into a…

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The Most Unusual City Names in the United States

What’s in a name? If you’re fond of traveling, the United States is definitely one of the best countries to…

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The Coldest and Hottest Places on Earth

The earth has a mild, temperate climate compared to other planets in space, enabling life to form on its surface.…

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Amazing Abandoned Places

There’s something weird and eerie about abandoned places, whether it’s an abandoned house or train station, every one of them…

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Strange Foods from Around the World

So you think you’ve got a strong stomach? You might reconsider once you challenge your palate with strange foods from…

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Strange and Unusual Places that Actually Exist

Most of us have probably heard of or even visited popular travel destinations such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris,…

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What are Those Mysterious Moon Flashes of Light?

For thousands of years, astronomers have been interested in and baffled by the moon and because of this, which of…

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Strange and Unusual Fads from History

From Pokemon Go, planking, twerking, and Snapchat filters, almost all of us are guilty when it comes to succumbing to…

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The World’s Strangest Desserts

Most of us are excited about eating desserts or sweets after having dinner. Some of the most popular desserts are…

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Strange and Unusual Flags

Flags always represent a nation, movement or a group. Choosing the right design, symbols, colors, and insignia for a flag…

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Biggest Blunders in Architecture and Design History

When it comes to buildings and other structures, the first thing that most of us recognize is the design and…

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America’s Mysterious Concrete Arrows: What You Need to Know

If you’re an avid backpacker or hiker, you might have come across these concrete slabs shaped like arrows. They measure…

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20 of the World’s Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites

Countries spend a lot of years in developing some of their sites to be able to get into the United…

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The Most Mysterious Forests in the World

Approximately thirty percent of the land on our planet is covered by lush green forests. It serves as a habitat…

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Top 20 Unusual Museums

What will people think of next!?!?  You have to check out these crazy, interesting and unusual museums around the world!…

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