5 Things to Know About Foodkick before Your First Order

Ever since its inception in 2016, Foodkick has attracted the attention of people across the planet. Fresh Direct’s sister company is now one of America’s household names in the food delivery industry. Even though there many giants like Amazon Fresh and local retailers, New Yorkers can’t stop dancing to its tune.

Can you blame them? With all the attractive features of the business model, wouldn’t you become an instant fan? We are talking affordable services, fast turnaround, fresh produce all day long, good customer service, delivery of promises, the list goes on.

Why We Love Foodkick

There are plenty of reasons why Foodkick is the number one online food company among urban dwellers in New York.  For starters, cooking is made easy with Foodkick. You can have all the ingredients you need to whip up a recipe in a record 60 seconds. If you don’t want to cook but still want to taste a varied range of delicacies, you are still taken care of. You can even ask for drinks of all sorts if you are hosting a party or having a sleepover with your buddies. The options are limitless.

The beauty with the online grocer is that the services are not only fast and quality, but they are also super affordable. Do your own research and you will find out that the meal kits and prepared foods cost cheaper than the competitor or other local deli or grocery stores. What’s more, placing an order is as easy. Once you have the app, you are good to go. If apps aren’t your thing, head over to Foodkick.com and place your order in a matter of minutes.

Things to know before placing an order

Foodkick is absolutely one of the best things that happened to New York City residents. It’s not an issue of laziness but rather, convenience. Life happens. Work can get the best of us and we lose track of time or get too exhausted to step into the kitchen. If this happens to you, don’t be afraid; open that app and place an order. Before you do that though,

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. They Charge A Delivery Fee

You are probably aware of this but it wouldn’t hurt to remind you, right? Foodkick charges a delivery fee of $3.99 unless you want a one-hour delivery service which will cost you $5.99.

2. They Have A Minimum For Delivery

Forget about placing an order for that single bunch of cilantro. Foodkick will not accept your order as their terms and conditions point to the minimum delivery of $20. It’s a win-win situation—you get value for money while Foodkick racks in more sales.

3. They don’t deliver past midnight

Foodkick doesn’t operate on a 24-hour model; their delivery hours are between 7 Am to 12 midnight, every day of the week.

4. Their meal and drink options are diverse

This is quite an understatement. There’s absolutely everything in the app. You have meals for special occasions (Easter, New Year, Mardi Gras, Father’s Day) and recipes for the health-conscious such as gluten-free or vegetarian recipes. You can also order by theme (baby food, date nights, meals in minutes, and kid-friendly) or even decide to have a complete course (salads, appetizers, entrees, lunch, desserts, etc). Before placing the order, think of what you want then focus on it otherwise you will be confused with their diverse sources.

5. You can use coupons to make orders

If you are wondering whether Foodkick uses couponing, you would be glad to know that they absolutely do. You can take advantage of the first time purchase Foodkick promo code and save yourself some money while eating healthy and delicious meals. Watch out for a wide range of other offers and discounts across the year.

Foodkick has certainly revolutionized New York’s food delivery industry. We can only wait in anticipation for what the future holds for this fierce and reputable company.