A Guide to a Guy’s Night In


Sometimes, a night out on the town is just not what everyone feels like, and with the current shift to staying indoors, plenty of friends are missing out on seeing each other at their usual watering holes and dance scenes. With all this combined, what is there to do when the guys still want to get together?

Read this guide for ideas on spending time with friends and having a guy’s night in.

Host a Beer Tasting Night

What better way to get the guys together than beer? Hosting a beer tasting night is a fantastic way to enjoy each other’s company, have a few drinks but also have a direct focus to the evening too. With a solid surge in craft beers in recent years and now the simplicity for the general public to get their hands on them, there is no reason not to have beers from around the world at the table! Ask friends to bring an exotic beer or a favorite that has stood the test of time and discuss what is loved about them.

In between all the banter, of course.

Host a Poker Night

A poker night is a classic when it comes to a guy’s night in. There is probably a part in every man who wants to feel like James Bond for the evening, and a poker night is a sure-fire way to do that (providing they win!).

So, what do you need for a poker night?

  • Snacks – such as chips, dip, chicken wings, and nuts
  • Poker Chips – easier than handling cash and more fun
  • Drinks – who doesn’t want a martini?
  • Table – a medium-sized bar or table for the poker game

For friends who are still social distancing, worry not! Because the option to have a poker night at home is easier than ever.

Just create a video group chat and head on down to Australian Casino Sites for a wide selection of games to play.

 Guys Camping Night

There is little more primitive than a bunch of guys lighting fires, cooking meat, and sleeping out in the wilderness, which is one of the reasons why camping is so popular. It is also a brilliant way to have a ‘sleepover’ while avoiding all the trash and mess that inevitably comes with having people over.

Check the weather and then pack all the essentials such as beers, snacks, a barbeque, food to cook, blankets a tent, and anything fun like board games or even a speaker. Depending on how far out someone sets up camp, there will be no disturbing anything but the birds in the trees, so getting loud won’t bother anyone else, apart from your friend who is trying to get to sleep early.

Hosting a Movie Night

It might be a classic, but it is a classic for a reason. With the ability to rent pretty much whatever film that is desired, a movie night in can make for an interesting one. Have everyone pick a well-loved film. This could be based on a theme, genre, or even a year, and get to know each other better while discussing some great movies after they’ve been watched!

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