Casino Dress Code Guide for Women


The world of casino gambling is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and varied environments that humans find themselves in. While there are many things to consider before you walk into a casino venue that seems far more important, what you choose to wear can set the mood for your entire visit. It is often said that we should endeavour to dress or the success that we hope to achieve and there is no greater time to make a conscious effort with your wardrobe than a trip to your local Canadian casino.

However, dressing appropriately for a casino outing is not as simple as following the examples set in the media and film industry. Hollywood would have viewers believe that women always wear elegant and luxurious gowns to hit the slots and men crowd around the roulette table in their three-piece suits and this is not the case in reality. The formal dress code, or lack thereof, will depend entirely on the casino that is being visited, the time of day that the visit is taking place and whether or not there is an event.

To get a better understanding of what the appropriate casino dress code is for women in Canada, the factors above will need to be considered. This will allow women who are visiting the casino to have a clear idea of what they should be wearing and when.

We teamed up with an expert gamer Michelle Thomas, (find profile), who has visited many casino venues, to provide you with his insights into what is appropriate for every casino occasion and what he has seen during his career.

Formal Wear

Canada is known as a hub of art, culture, history and entertainment. This means that there are always fun events and activities to participate in for residents and tourists alike. Since Canada’s largest casino venues have become entertainment complexes, it is not unusual to see bands and artists making use of these facilities to host their events.

This combination of bars, convention halls, nightlife and gaming has attracted many people to casinos for a variety of reasons and ensures that they leave nothing short of satisfaction. For those who are attending a formal event or function, do not be surprised to see bow ties and suits. However, most women don’t go this far and settle for full or mid-length dresses and heels.

Events, where this dress code is appropriate, can include charity dinners, work events, awards ceremonies, and even wedding receptions. If a dress is not a viable option, a tailored pants suit, and accessories to spice it up, could be a great alternative.

Party Wear

For those who are willing to put aside the fun of the casino online and venture into the real world, a trip to the closest Canadian casino can become the perfect excuse to party. Most casual visitors to casinos are there to simply have a good time and should not worry about dressing up too formally for the occasion. We suggest going with a smart-casual outfit, consisting of playsuits, dresses and skirts to avoid being denied admission at a nightclub.

Wearing heels is not a necessity for a smart-casual outfit so make sure to wear comfortable shoes that you won’t regret donning before the night is through. Casual visitors often find themselves on the casino floor, especially if they often visit gaming venues virtually such as the best payout online casino.

Gambling Wear

The last and final category that visitors to casinos usually fall under is the serious bettor. While many of these visitors have grown accustomed to a very casual dress code while playing at the best payout online casino at home, they will need to make a little more effort to hit the real casino floor. If you fall into this category and gambling is your main reason for going to the case, you’re likely to want to be as casual as possible.

This means that wearing comfortable and casual clothing is on the cards as it will keep you cool and relaxed, allowing for better decision-making while playing. For those planning to visit in summer, a loose-fitting shirt and linen bottoms will be ideal but if the weather is cooler, opt for jeans, jumpers, jerseys, and jackets.

Final Advice

When it comes to fashion, many people are under the misconception that the statement made by the attire is better than the overall comfort. However, when visiting a land-based casino in Canada, the perfect outfit for your night out will be what you are most comfortable in and what suits the occasion. As long as your outfit is conservative enough and you do not wear anything offensive, the casino security and the fashion police will have no qualms with you.

Keep in mind that fashion, just like gambling, is meant to be fun but should be enjoyed responsibly.

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