The History of the Soap Opera ‘General Hospital’

General Hospital title card

General Hospital, also known as GH, is an American soap opera listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s third longest-running American soap opera. Interestingly, it is still in production. The show also holds the record of winning 14 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series.  The producers … Read more

A Look at the Soap Opera “As the World Turns”

ATWT (As the World Turns), aired on CBS from 2nd April 1956 to 17th September 2010, is an American television soap opera. The show was created by Irna Phillips and written by Lloyd Gold and Jean Passanante. This show remained successful in capturing the heart of the audience for 54 years. This … Read more

Best Sitcoms of the 1960s

While the first Golden Age of Television had officially ended by the late 1950, the 1960s decade ushered in an exciting phase of its own. The early years of the 1960s saw most American households having their own television set. In fact, the roles of both radio and television had changed a … Read more

Biography of Bebe Neuwirth

Bebe Neuwirth was born on 31st December 1958. She is a famous American actress, dancer, and singer who became famous by playing three diverse roles in the Broadway show Chicago. She is a passionate dancer and has been a fan of performing arts since childhood.  Bebe started taking ballet lessons when she … Read more

Fireside Theatre: Low Budget, But Still Popular

The show called Fireside Theatre was one of the anthology drama series that started in 1949. It was aired on NBC Television Network in that year and lasted until 1958. The show’s name might be familiar to some people, especially if they’re approaching sixty or seventy years of age.  While the show … Read more

The Clock: An Intriguing Drama Series

Early television series seemed to have very similar themes at times. While some of the very first television shows might have been drama-based, there were quite a few that delved into suspense, murder, and even insanity themes. ‘The Clock’ was one of these, also being based on a radio series (under the … Read more

These Are My Children: Soap Opera on TV

The soap opera genre is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does have a loyal audience. If anyone is interested in the very early versions of soap operas in television history, they might be interested in knowing about the show ‘These Are My Children’.  This TV soap opera started airing on … Read more

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